The Iron Petticoat

The Iron Petticoat (1957) 5.6

1956-12-12(日本)| 喜剧| 英国
上映时间:1956-12-12(日本) 类型: 喜剧
评分: 力荐

Captain Vinka Kovelenko defects from Russia, but not for political reasons. She defects because she feels discriminated against as a woman. ...更多>



Vinka Kovelenko: I lost my temper! Colonel Tarbell: At the communists? Vinka Kovelenko: No, at the male sex! Vinka Kovelenko: A good Communist has no subconcious! Colonel Tarbell: That may very well be what's wrong with them! Colonel Tarbell: What do you think of her? Major Chuck Lockwood: Well, women in uniform bother me. I don't know whether to kiss em' or salute em'! Colonel Tarbell: It doesn't hurt to tantalize em'. Major Chuck Lockwood: Tantalize an heiress? That's like not opening your parachute! Major Chuck Lockwood: [holding out a bottle of whiskey] I tried to get vodka, but they were out. Vinka Kovelenko: Yes, I heard you Americans were on short rations. Vinka Kovelenko: I should think they would send a taller man. Major Chuck Lockwood: [looks down] Well, maybe I'll grow on you! Vinka Kovelenko: You have an odd face. Major Chuck Lockwood: It came with the body. It's a set! Bartender: What's your stratagy, Captain? Major Chuck Lockwood: Right now, I'm torn between suicide and desertion! [Chuck tells Vinka how he plans to talk Colonel Tarbell into letting Vinka go to London] Vinka Kovelenko: Do you think the Colonel would be fooled by such a ridiculous statement? Major Chuck Lockwood: If he'll eat Army food, he'll swallow anything! Vinka Kovelenko: It's too dangerous! Major Chuck Lockwood: Marriage? Vinka Kovelenko: Moscow! We're going to live in Indianapolis, Indiana!


The Iron Petticoat

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