"The Bob Hope Show"

"The Bob Hope Show" (1952) 6.5

1952-10-12(美国)| 喜剧 家庭| 美国
上映时间:1952-10-12(美国) 类型: 喜剧 家庭
获奖信息:美国电影电视金球奖(1964年第21届)   提名:1
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advertisement Bob: How old are you, Natalie? Natalie: 18. Bob: 18. It's hard to believe I'm almost twice your age! [audience laugh] Bob: Three times? Four? Let's not get nasty, huh! [During an "I Love Lucy" skit, Lucy has smothered Ricky with kisses] Ricky: The last time you kissed me like that, you wrecked the car, the insurance company cancelled my insurance on everything, and you did my laundry in the whiring mixer! ['Ricky' throws his hat into the wardrobe, only for the sea lion Lucy has hidden inside to throw the hat back out] Lucy: Oh, close the door! I'm fumigating - we got termites! Ricky: Yeah, one of 'em must pitch for Cleveland! Ricky: Why are you fumigating the place? That's the landlord's job! Lucy: Well, Fred and Ethel are away. I'd just thought I'd help. Ricky: Oh, you're always helping, like when we went on our honeymoon. You thought we'd be lonesome, so you invited your mother to come along! Lucy: Well, I was just trying to help! Ricky: Who were you helping, your father? Ricky: [picking up a herring from a plate on the table] What is this? What are these Texas anchovies doing here? Lucy: That's my first dividend. I joined a herring of the month club! Bob: Would you like to have dinner with me tonight? Marilyn: Well, I'd love to, Bob, but I'm not sure I can afford it! Bob: Would you consider going out with a fella a little older than yourself? Marilyn: Well of course, Bob. Why, do you have a son? Bob: You know, I can't get over you. Your singing sure has improved. Frank: Really, well, when was the last time you heard me? Bob: At rehersal! Frank: You know, I can't get over you, Bob. The older you get, the funnier you get, and, man, you've grown hilarious!




导演: 吴京

演员: 吴京弗兰克·格里罗



导演: 叶伟信

演员: 甄子丹吴樾

"The Bob Hope Show"

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