My Friend Irma

My Friend Irma (1949) 6.4

1949-09-28(美国)| 喜剧 爱情| 美国
上映时间:1949-09-28(美国) 类型: 喜剧 爱情
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Based on the long-running radio show. Irma is a likeable airhead who meddles in her roommate's love-life. Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis, in th...更多>



Al: Your time will come, son. I'll save you for a rainy day. Got to hold back a little. Don't want to push too much. Seymour: Rainy day? I got news for you. I get hungry in clear weather! Professor Kropotkin: My little pigeon! Seymour: Who's a pigeon? Professor Kropotkin: It's only me, Professor Kropotkin. Jane Stacy: Well, hello, Professor. Irma Peterson: Hi, Professor. Professor Kropotkin: Oh, Jane and Irma, my two little proud beauties! One with her head in the air and the other with air in her head. Irma Peterson: How often does a girl meet a millionaire with money? Steve Laird: Now, there's the mirror. Take a look at yourself. Now, if you notice, you have deep expression in your eyes and a very sensitive chin - all the qualities of a legitimate actor - maybe even a great lover. Seymour: Yeah, but isn't my voice too high? Steve Laird: Not neccessarily. Maybe you can make love to tall girls. Jane Stacy: Anything can happen when you live with my friend Irma! Irma Peterson: [to Al] Oh, well, you know Jane. She wants to marry a man with money, but I don't think money's important. Look, I have you, and you have me, and we both have nothing. Seymour: The least you could do is show me some sympathy, Steve. When you was sick, I was very considerate. Remember when the doctor gave you only 30 days to live? Steve Laird: Yes! Seymour: Didn't I go out and get you a calender?


My Friend Irma

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