Living in a Big Way

Living in a Big Way (1948) 5.9

1947-06-10(美国)| 喜剧 经典| 美国
上映时间:1947-06-10(美国) 类型: 喜剧 经典
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advertisement Margaud Morgan: Is that the only reason you like me Leo? Because I don't step on your toes? Schultz: Hey bud, you sure you're going the shortest way? Taxi Driver: Nope. Schultz: Why not? Taxi Driver: Cus I gotta stay on the road. Margaud Morgan: Did anything happen to you overseas? Leo Gogarty: Nothing exciting. Just a war. Margaud Morgan: For months I've been wondering why I got married in the first place. Now I know it was the uniform. Leo Gogarty: You forget that I was in the uniform at the time. Mrs. Minerva Alsop Morgan: Margaud's upset about something. D. Rutherford Morgan: You don't say? Mrs. Minerva Alsop Morgan: She very definitely has something on her mind. D. Rutherford Morgan: If she has anything on her mind it's a step in the right direction. Margaud Morgan: Why don't you try to act like a gentleman and go away? Leo Gogarty: Where would you have me go? 'Skippy' Stuart Simms: I wish you'd ask me that question. Margaud Morgan: Don't bother about me, nobody's interested in what I'm doing. 'Skippy' Stuart Simms: Then why don't you stop doing it? Schultz: [to Peggy] Y'know, if you had a bank roll and purple eyes, I'd ask you to be mine. Margaud Morgan: You must have some urgent plans. Leo Gogarty: That's a good guess. Margaud Morgan: Do they involve anyone I know? Leo Gogarty: Who do you know? Margaud Morgan: The best people. Leo Gogarty: My plans involve the best things about the best people. Schultz: Why don't you two pull knives on each other and get it over with? Peggy Randall: A war marriage is as good as any other marriage - if it's to the right man. Leo Gogarty: If a lady asks you to jump on her bed, you'd better do it - she may not repeat the invitation! Margaud Morgan: Why should you want a girl like me? We were never *really* married. Abigail Morgan: You can't unbend the twig after the tree is full-grown.




导演: 叶伟信

演员: 甄子丹吴樾



导演: 周申

演员: 任素汐吴昱翰

Living in a Big Way

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