The Big Noise

The Big Noise (1944) 5.9

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Although they are only janitors at a detective agency, the boys pass themselves off as sleuths and are engaged to guard an inventor deliveri...更多>



[Stan and Ollie have been invited to dinner] Oliver: I'm famished. Alva P. Hartley: We'll start with the turkey.


[he uncovers a tray holding a number of pills]


Alva P. Hartley: Will you have light meat or dark? [Alva plunks some pills on the boys' plates] Stanley: Could I have another joint? Alva P. Hartley: Here you are, Junior. [Alva hands Egbert his allotment of pills] Egbert: Gee, the neck as usual. I'm getting capsule-happy now. [after consuming his pills, Grandpa coughs violently] Grandpa: I got a bone stuck in my throat. Aunt Sophie: Don't bolt your food, Grandpa. (to Stan and Ollie) He always does that, especially when we have fish. Stan: You know what? Oliver: What? Stan: I've got a clue. I think Mr. Hartley is just a bit cracked. Well, I ought to know. Oliver: All inventors are like that - they're eccentric. They're not like you and me. [to Stan, as he pokes Ollie's bulging belly with a pistol] Dutchy Glassman: If you don't tell me where the bomb is, I'll plug your friend here so full of holes he'll look a Swiss cheese!


The Big Noise

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