Saps at Sea

Saps at Sea (1940) 6.8

1940-05-03(美国)| 喜剧| 美国
上映时间:1940-05-03(美国) 类型: 喜剧
评分: 力荐

After working in the noisy horn factory, just the sound of one drives Oliver into a violent fit. Dr. Finlayson prescribes a long, restful se...更多>



Oliver Hardy: Where's the basement? Desk Clerk: Downstairs.


Stanley Laurel


: Hey! Which way is the alley? Desk Clerk: Out in the street. Oliver Hardy: Dinner! Oh, Mr. Nick? Dinner is served. Nick Grainger, Escaped Convict: [enters and sits down] Well... looks good [smells the fake dinner] Nick Grainger, Escaped Convict: smells good, and I better it probably tastes good. Oliver Hardy: Oh, you're going to like this. It's just like mother used to make. Stanley Laurel: Oh, it's better than that. Nick Grainger, Escaped Convict: [grins] Well, if it's that good, [puts dinner on two plates and gives one to Stan, one to Ollie] Nick Grainger, Escaped Convict: you eat it. Nick Grainger, Escaped Convict: Just like mother used to make, eh, Dopey? Stanley Laurel: [nods weakly] Nick Grainger, Escaped Convict: Only better, right, Dizzy? Oliver Hardy: [nods weakly] Nick Grainger, Escaped Convict: [smirks] Have a meatball, Dizzy. Oliver Hardy: [very weakly] Thank you. Nick Grainger, Escaped Convict: [smirking] You're welcome. Oliver Hardy: [shows horn] What's the idea of bring this along? Stanley Laurel: Oh, my professor said, if I don't practice I might lose my lip. Oliver Hardy: Uh-huh, and if you do practice, you'll lose your neck. Mrs. O'Riley: [rings Oliver's apartment doorbell] Oliver Hardy: [inside the bell rings, blows off the wall and hits Ollie in the head] Ooh! [to Stan] Oliver Hardy: See who that is! Neighbor: Having trouble, Mr. Hardy? Oliver Hardy: Trouble? Well, the room's all topsy turvy. Neighbor: Well, just have a look at mine. Oliver Hardy: [follows her into the apartment] All right. Neighbor: I don't know what happened, I just went to my fridge this morning, and look what happened! [opens it, and music starts playing. She shuts it after a moment] Neighbor: And that's not all, just have a look at the radio. [points to it, where it is covered with frost] Oliver Hardy: Oh! Well, I'll give that guy a piece of your mind too. Desk Clerk: [calling Oliver's room] Mr. Laurel? There's a Professor O'Brien here to see you. Stanley Laurel: Oh, that's swell! You know, he's been expecting me.


Saps at Sea

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