Room Service (1938)

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Room Service
  • 片       名Room Service
  • 上映时间1938年09月21日(美国)
  • 导       演 威廉·A·塞特尔


  • Gordon Miller: Shhh. Money. Leo Davis: You've been in jail? Harry Binelli: Sure, it's'a not so bad. You behave and they make you a trustee. Hilda Manny: If I don't come back you'll know it's good news. Gordon Miller: And if you do come back bring four bottles of poison. Gordon Miller: Too soon, too soon, he died too soon. Harry Binelli: An hour too soon. Harry Binelli: Hello? Room Service. Bring up enough ice to cool a warm body. Leo Davis: Well, if you fellows don't mind, I'm going to wash up. Harry Binelli: Yeah, go ahead. The rest of us are already washed up. Gregory Wagner: Jumping butterballs! Leo Davis: Gee, I-I-I don't know whether I can keep it up for two and a half hours. Gordon Miller: It's all right. We'll help you. Harry Binelli: I still think it's a terrible play, but it makes a wonderful rehearsal. Leo Davis: I'll give you the best performance you ever saw in a hotel bedroom! Harry Binelli: [taking off layers of clothing] Now I know how Gypsy Rose Lee feels. 复制 复制成功 复制失败,请手动复制
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