General Spanky

General Spanky (1936) 5.7

1936-12-11(美国)| 家庭 喜剧| 美国
上映时间:1936-12-11(美国) 类型: 家庭 喜剧
评分: 力荐



advertisement Spanky Leonard: [Spanky goes to another room, with Marshall Valiant, to complete shining his shoes, just as Spanky starts shoe-shining, Simmons dropped Poker card, on purpose, to cheat] You dropped this card, mister. Simmons: That's not my card. Spanky Leonard: Oh, yes sir, I saw you drop it. Marshall Valient: [Marshall Valiant swears in in two new Confederate members] Do you solemnly swear Allegiance to the Confederate States of America, and do you promise honor, uphold and defend their rights? [both said "I do!", in unison] Simmons: Oh, this will be a feather, in my hat, when the general learns, in my first encounter, I was victorious. Simmons: You little scalawag. [Simmons sees a paintbrush, in Spanky's hand and it appears as if Spanky was about to try paint on his shoe! Therefore forcing Spanky and Buckwheat to dive off the ship, in fear of Simmons] [following day, after Spanky and Buckwheat dove off the ship, they see a birthday cake and both of them are hungry!] Buckwheat: The cake's on fire. Yankee soldier: [Vaughan, Marshal Valient's dog, just led Spanky to Marshall Valient] Friend or enemy? Spanky Leonard: Enemy. And I thank you, to leave me alone, when I'm on personal business. Spanky Leonard: The RPWCRCWMR surrenders Blanchard Hill. Yankee General: I refuse to accept your sword, son. You won a moral victory. Spanky Leonard: [Vaughan, Marshall Valient's dog, lightly grabbed Spanky's hand, leading Spanky to Marshal Valient, lying down and does not respond to him] Mister Marsh. Alfalfa: Cover up, he's coming this way. Spanky Leonard: Who? [the Gang then quickly cover up, holding tree branches, to hide Louella, from Simmons] Spanky Leonard: [Also during this scene, Spanky walks, holding a stick, with the frame, that appears as if Louella is walking alone and drew Simmons' attention and deceiving him, until walking under a low tree branch, that pulled the back cape off and Simmons saw Spanky, then Spanky fled] [Marshall Valient and Louella did a light quick kiss, in haste]


General Spanky

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