Goin' to Town

Goin' to Town (1935) 7.0

1935-04-25(美国)| 喜剧 经典| 美国
上映时间:1935-04-25(美国) 类型: 喜剧 经典
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advertisement Young Fellow: What excuse has a gal like you for runnin' around single? Cleo Borden: Mmm, I was born that way. Buck Gonzales: With any other dame, I wouldn't give a hoot. When it comes to you, I'm dynamite! Cleo Borden: Yes, and I'm your match. Buck Gonzales: You ain't scared of me 'cause they say I'm a bad man? Cleo Borden: I'm a good woman for a bad man. Cleo Borden: Cigarette me, Cossack. Ivan Valadov: For one kiss of your lips I would give half of my life. Cleo Borden: Oh, see me tomorrow, I'll kiss you twice. [Cleo sings last lines] Cleo Borden: But now I'm a lady / Come up and see me some time. Sr. Mendoza: I'm sorry. I didn't get your name. Cleo Borden: It's not your fault. You tried hard enough. Sr. Alvarez: Where have I seen your face before? Cleo Borden: Same place as you see it now. Ivan Valadov: My darling, my sweet, my lovely one! Cleo Borden: Never mind that. I got all the erl I want. Ivan Valadov: Darling, I just found out that it's you I'm in love with. You are the only one for me, after all. Cleo Borden: After all what? Ivan Valadov: Oh, darling, I must have you! I love you! I love you! I must have you!. Marry me! Cleo Borden: Listen, I-van, you're all right to play around with, but as a husband you'll get in my hair. Ivan Valadov: But, darling...! Cleo Borden: Besides, we're intellectual opposites. Ivan Valadov: What do you mean? Cleo Borden: Well, I'm intellectual and you're opposite. Ivan Valadov: Let me tell you - I'm an aristocrat and the backbone of my family. Cleo Borden: Well, your family ought to see a chiropractor.




导演: 吴京

演员: 吴京弗兰克·格里罗



导演: 叶伟信

演员: 甄子丹吴樾

Goin' to Town

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