Flying Down to Rio

Flying Down to Rio (1933) 6.8

1933-12-22(美国)| 喜剧 经典 爱情| 美国
上映时间:1933-12-22(美国) 类型: 喜剧 经典 爱情
获奖信息:奥斯卡金像奖(1935年第7届)   提名:1
评分: 力荐

Aviator and band leader Roger Bond is forever getting his group fired for flirting with the lady guests. When he falls for Brazilian beauty ...更多>



Fred Ayres: Wait a minute. Wait a minute. This is really good news. Rog has outdone himself. Honey Hale: I'll bet he's broken both legs running after two women at the same time. Fred Ayres: Nothing of the kind. He's landed us a job in Rio. Rio de Janeiro. The Hotel Atlantico. We'll be flying down any morning now. Honey Hale: And swimming back in the afternoon. I'm taking my water-wings. Honey Hale: It's like looking for a noodle in a haystack.


Flying Down to Rio

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