Doctor Bull

Doctor Bull (1933) 6.9

1933-09-22(美国)| 喜剧 爱情| 美国
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advertisement May Tupping - Telephone Operator: [Referring to Bull and Mrs. Cardmaker] I don't see why people can't be friends without everyone talking. Helen Upjohn, New Winton Postmistress: Yeah, but what sort of friends are they, darling? That's what we want to know. Mrs. Herbert Banning: Poor Mamie! She was so young! She must have hated to die! Dr. George 'Doc' Bull: Oh, I don't know. I've seen a hundred people die, and none of them ever seemed to mind it. They was all too sick to mind it. Dr. George 'Doc' Bull: Oh, there's an old saying. There's only one way into the world, but there's a thousand ways out. Dr. George 'Doc' Bull: I ain't never hurt any of you kids, did I? First schoolboy: No, you ain't done nothing but give us a lot of pills. Second schoolboy: Yeah, my old man says that's all you can do. Dr. George 'Doc' Bull: Oh, is that so? Wait till your old man gets sick again. see what happens to him. Second schoolboy: He can beat you up!


Doctor Bull

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