Timecollapse (2002) 7.1

2002-04-28(美国)| 短片| 美国
上映时间:2002-04-28(美国) 类型: 短片
评分: 力荐

Lucy is a wannabe writer who hides behind a dead end job in her hometown. When her girlfriend decides to move away and Lucy can't find the c...更多>



Steve: Louie had a sense about things the same way he could feel a fish at the end of the line. He said, "Stevie...Life ain't like the sea, she don't come in just 'cause you're standing there on the shore." Lucy Monaco: That's deep Steve. Steve: Don't worry about it kid. Life has a funny way of twistin' itself around when you least expect it. Lucy Monaco: I think that heterosexuality is highly underrated. Dante: A chick is in my robe. That is so freaky. Lucy Monaco: We've gotta be the only two hosts in the world to throw a mostly queer party and wind up in bed together. Dante: No. It's very 'tales of the city.' Dante: Do you remember the first time we went to the village...with your mom? Lucy Monaco: Oh my God! The record store. Dante: Holy shit, dude. What was that poster? 'Eat more fruit, keep more fit.' Lucy Monaco: It was like a secret code of permission to be gay.



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