The year is 2016. The place is New Port City. The Tank Police are still waging a desperate war on crime, and their tactics are still highly ...更多>



Leona Osaki: For Megan! The time has come. Police Chief: Hey i need Bonapart's keys [Gets knocked to the floor by the flung keys] Four Eyes: [Looking down at the dazed chief] Nice shot Britain: [Impressed] Very acurate Police Chief: [Roaring] STUPID MORONS... YOU WERE NOT SUPPOSED TO TAKE ACTION... DON'T YOU KNOW WHAT THE WORD PEACEFUL MEANS? Leona Osaki: But chief you don't understand, they were throwing tin cans at bonnapart Police Chief: THEY THROW TIN CANS... AND YOU BLOW UP THE CITY? Al: RIGHT LET'S BLOW THOSE BITCHES AWAY Al: Whatever happens, Leona... Let Justice always win! Al: [after a crash] I bit my tongue...




导演: 柯汶利

演员: 肖央谭卓



导演: 杨子

演员: 于和伟吴磊

Tokusô sensha-tai Dominion

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