Tenchi Muyô! Ryô Ôki

Tenchi Muyô! Ryô Ôki 8.2

1992-09-25(日本)| 动画 喜剧 奇幻| 英国
上映时间:1992-09-25(日本) 类型: 动画 喜剧 奇幻 科幻
评分: 力荐

Tenchi Masaki is a normal high school student in Japan, who spends the summers doing chores around his grandfather's family shrine. One day,...更多>



Ayeka Masaki Jurai: Why? Why must I suffer from this kind of disgrace? Ryoko: [Tenchi reaches the surface of the water, then he goes into shock, and turns] Why are you being so shy? You seen me naked before, remember? In side the cave? Tenchi Masaki: Yeah, I remember. But then you were just a mummy. Tenchi Masaki: Curiosity kill the cat. Lucky for me, I'm not a cat! [laughs] Mihoshi: There's no way out? Washu Hakubi: That's what I'm saying. You see on this diagram that this goes this way and this goes that way, and so, there's no way out. Absolutely not. No way. That's it. Got it? Mihoshi: Nope, I don't get it at all. [Washu falls] Mihoshi: So, I guess what you mean is that there is absolutely no way out of here? Washu Hakubi: Where were you when they handed out the brains? Mihoshi: [grabbing Washu's leg, crying] But how can this be? You created this ship, didn't you? Washu Hakubi: Mm-hmm. [she gives the middle finger] Washu Hakubi: And that is why it is so perfect! [Mihoshi falls] Washu Hakubi: [Mihoshi cries] Okay, you pain in the neck. There only a couple of things that we can do here. Mihoshi: [Mihoshi stops crying. In front of her is a giant circle with Ryoko on it] Ryoko! And what should I do now? Washu Hakubi: Take this and join in. [She throws a fan at Mihoshi] Washu Hakubi: Hooray! Hooray! Ryoko! What's the matter? [Mihoshi falls] Ryoko: [Ryoko grabs Washu] Okay, pipsqueak, whether my body is sagging or not is none of your business! What are visual psychological tactics anyway? Washu Hakubi: Your sex appeal, of course. Ryoko: Hey, I'll have you know that my body shape hasn't changed in the past 700 years! What do you think of that, you big fat smart-alleck? Washu Hakubi: What I think is that's no way to talk to your mother, Ryoko. Ryoko: Ehh? Washu Hakubi: That's right. Not did I only create you, but I created Ryo-oki, I created the Soja, I created so many things, really. But I used my ova for you. So I'm more like your mother than your creator. Mihoshi: You must be that female student that was kidnapped by Kagato. Washu Hakubi:


A female student? No, I am Washu! And I happen to be the top scientific genius in the universe. I am cute. I have to admit, I look a little young, to be your mom, don't I, Ryoko?


Ryoko: Huh? Baloney! I've been around 2000 years! Ever since I was born! Ever since I was... I was born? Tenchi Masaki: Huh? [his leg is stuck] Tenchi Masaki: Geez! I can't get it out! Washu Hakubi: And now I'm worried. [Mihoshi and Ayeka fall] Ayeka Masaki Jurai: Do something brilliant! You created this ship, didn't you? Mihoshi Kuramitsu: She's right. There's gotta be something you haven't thought of. Washu Hakubi: Well, ok. There is just one more thing that we can try. Ayeka Masaki Jurai: What is it? Washu Hakubi: We can pray real hard. [Washu starts to pray. Mihoshi and Ayeka fall] Ayeka and Mihoshi: Hi, Tenchi! [they walk towards him, but Ryoko trips them] Ryoko: Hee hee! Too bad! I'm going to be the first person to give Tenchi a hug! [she sees Ryo-oki on Tenchi. Ryoko falls] Ryo-Ohki: Meaow! Meow! [Ryoko snatches Ryo-oki] Ryoko: I said I'm first! Washu Hakubi: Nice to meet you. My name is Washu. I would like to thank you for saving me from Kagato. Tenchi Masaki: Oh... uh... Washu Hakubi: I like you. You wanna be a guinea pig for my experiment? Ryoko: [Ryoko grabs Washu] Listen, Mom! [Sasami hugs Tenchi than everyone else goes and thanks Tenchi] Ryoko: Shut up! [the spaceship splits in half. Everyone gets confused] Washu Hakubi: I guess the spaceship was cut in half also. All: Let's get out of here! [the ship explodes] Sasami, Tsunami: Are you okay? Tenchi Masaki: Uh, yeah. I'm fine. Uh, thank you, Sasami. Sasami, Tsunami: Because you look really pale, and your nose is bleeding. [Tenchi covers his nose] Sasami, Tsunami: You're a naughty boy, are you, Tenchi [Tenchi splashes Sasami with water] Tenchi Masaki: [with his mouth covered] No, it's not that, it's uh... I got dizzy, cause of the hot water. Sasami, Tsunami: Really? Tenchi Masaki: Sorry for being naughty. Sasami, Tsunami: [patting Tenchi's head] That's my boy. Washu Hakubi: No, unless... Ayeka Masaki Jurai: Unless? Washu Hakubi: Unless you call me Little Washu! Ayeka Masaki Jurai: [Ayeka falls] Huh? Excuse me, Miss Washu? Washu Hakubi: No! I won't do anything unless you call me Little Washu!


Ayeka Masaki Jurai




导演: 杨子

演员: 于和伟吴磊



导演: 叶伟信

演员: 甄子丹吴樾

Tenchi Muyô! Ryô Ôki

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