Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day

Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day 7.8

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Pooh is back and this time he's gonna blow you away! Almost literally! When Pooh's friend Gopher warns him that it's Winds-Day, Pooh goes of...更多>



Gopher: If I was you, I'd think about skedaddlin' out of here. Winnie the Pooh: Why? Gopher: 'Cause it's "Winds-day." Tigger: Honey! Oh, boy, honey! That's what tiggers like best. Winnie the Pooh: I was afraid of that. Tigger: [gulps down a few handfuls] Oh, say. Yuck! Tiggers don't like honey! Winnie the Pooh: But you said you that you liked... Tigger: That icky, sticky stuff is only fit for "heffalumps" and "woozles." Winnie the Pooh: You mean elephants and weasels. Tigger: That's what I said, "heffalumps" and "woozles". Tigger: Hello, I'm Tigger. Winnie the Pooh: You said that. Tigger: Oh? Well, did I say I was hungry? Winnie the Pooh: I don't think so. Tigger: Well, then I'll say it. I'm hungry. Tigger: [looking at his reflection] Oh, hey, hey. Look, look, look. Oh, what a strange-looking creature. Mmm, look at those beady little eyes, and that "purrposterous" chin, and those "rickydiculus" striped pyjamas. Winnie the Pooh: Looks like another tigger to me. Tigger: Oh, no, it's not. I'm the only tigger. Watch me scare the stripes off of this imposter. [Tigger growls at reflection; he scares himself, hides under the table] Tigger: Is-Is-Is... Is he gone? Winnie the Pooh: All except the tail. [Tigger tucks his tail] Winnie the Pooh: He's gone. Owl: This is just a mild spring zephyr compared to the big wind of '67. Or was it, uh, '76? Oh, well, no matter. Oh, I remember the big blow well. Piglet: I'll remember this one, too. Owl: It was the year my Aunt Clara went to visit her cousin. Now, her cousin was not only gifted on the glockenspiel, but being a screech owl, also sang soprano in the London Opera. You see, her constant practicing so unnerved my aunt that she laid a seagull egg by mistake. Winnie the Pooh: [to his reflection] Oh, hello. Am I glad to see you. It's more friendly with two. Now, you go that way, and I'll go this way. Winnie the Pooh: [walks away from mirror, then runs back] You didn't see anything, did you? Neither did I. Winnie the Pooh: Hello, out there! Oh, I hope nobody answers.


Winnie the Pooh


: Christopher Robin, can you make a one-hero party into a two-hero party? Chistopher Robin: Of course we can, silly old bear. Narrator: Now, Piglet lived in the middle of the forest in a very grand house in the middle of a beech tree. And Piglet loved it very much. Piglet: Whew, yes. Whoops. You see, it's been in the family a long time. It belonged to my grandfather. Piglet: [pointing to sign] Oh, that's his name up there. "Trespassers Will." That's short for "Trespassers William." Narrator: Trespassers William? Piglet: Yes. And Grandma, oh, she called him T.W. That's even shorter. Piglet: I don't mind the leaves that are leaving. It's the leaves that are coming. Winnie the Pooh: Happy "Winds-day", Piglet. Piglet: [being blown away] Well... it isn't... very happy... f-for me. Winnie the Pooh: Where are you going, Piglet? Piglet: That's what I'm asking myself, where? W-Whoops! P-P-P-Pooh! Winnie the Pooh: And what do you think you will answer yourself? Winnie the Pooh: [to his reflection] Is it raining in there? It's raining out here too. Eeyore: W-O-L, that spells owl. Owl: Bless my soul, so it does. Tigger: [singing] The wonderful thing about tiggers / Is tiggers are wonderful things / Their tops are made out of rubber / Their bottoms are made out of springs / They're bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, pouncy fun, fun, fun, fun, fun / But the most wonderful thing about tiggers is I'm the only one / I'm the only one. Winnie the Pooh: Think... think... think... Gopher: Say, what's wrong, sonny? Got yourself a headache? Winnie the Pooh: No, I was just thinking. Gopher: That so? What about? Winnie the Pooh: I... Oh, bother! You made me forget. Roo: Look, mama, look! A kite! Kanga: Oh, my goodness! It's Piglet! Winnie the Pooh: [Being dragged behind Piglet] Happy Windsday, Kanga. Happy Windsday, Roo. Roo: Can I fly Piglet next, Pooh? Piglet: Oh, Owl. I don't mean to c-c-complain, but I'm afraid I'm scared. Owl: There, there, Piglet. Chin up and all that sort of thing. A rescue's being thought up. Be brave, little Piglet! Piglet: It's very hard to b-be brave when you're such a small animal. Owl:


Then to divert your small mind from this predicament, I shall tell you an amusing anectdote. It concerns a distant cousin of mine who was so frightened during a flood that...


Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day

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