The Monday Night War: WWE Raw vs. WCW Nitro (2004)

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The Monday Night War: WWE Raw vs. WCW Nitro
  • 片       名The Monday Nigh...
  • 上映时间2004年02月03日(美国)
  • 又       名The Monday Night War: WWE Ra...


  • Gerald Brisco: I think that if I'd have seen Eric Bischoff at the time, I'd wanna slap the hell outta him! Ric Flair: [yelling at Eric Bischoff] You are a no-good, son of a bitch! 复制 复制成功 复制失败,请手动复制
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  • : You people, you know who I am. But you don't know why I'm here. Where is "Billionaire Ted"? Where is "The Nacho Man"? That punk can't even get in the building. Me? I go wherever I want, whenever I want! Eric Bischoff: Come on, Vince. Step into the ring. Do what so many other people would love to do. Get your hands around my skinny little neck. You can do it... if you've got the guts. Do you, Vince? Have you got the guts to *really* show up? I do... do you? Just think of it. Just think how great you'll feel if you're able to step into the ring and break my jaw... knock me out... snap an arm or a leg! Whatever you'd like, Vince! It's no big thing. But it takes guts. That's what it's gonna take, Vince. Have you got the guts, Vince? We'll find out... we'll be waiting for you, Vinnie Mac. With open arms. Eric Bischoff: I called the network, I told them, "I don't wanna go up at 8 o'clock, I wanna go up at 7: I wanna give away their show's results three minutes before they even go on the air." Gene Okerlund: I don't particularly think that giving away a competitor's results is ethical. But the hell with ethics. Eric Bischoff: Ethically did I have a problem with doing it? Of course not, it was business. I didn't give a damn, I had no intention of ever going to the WWE, so it didn't matter to me. 复制 复制成功 复制失败,请手动复制
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