It's... the Monty Python Story

It's... the Monty Python Story(1999)

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Host Eddie Izzard links together interviews with former Python members and other famous comedians to tell the story of one the most famous c...更多>





Is Monty Python still alive? Well, technically, yes. He is on a wife support system in an old jokes' home in Surrey. When reached for tonight's tribute, he said, "Coo," then asked for a new bedpan. So the legendary wit has not gone with the passing of time... or his colon.


Eric: Well, John's obviously the cruel heartless bastard. Doctor: [archive footage] Now I know some hospitals where you get the patients lying around in beds. Eric: Michael's the sweet, slightly ineffective lower middle class one. Silly Walker: [archive footage] I have a silly walk and I'd like to obtain a government grant to help me develop it. Eric: Terry is the ratbag woman. Ratbag Woman: [archive footage] [cackles with laughter] Eric: and Gilliam is anything with unpleasant makeup jobs. [archive footage of Gilliam with a ferret through his head] Eric: It's ridiculous, there's no sense to it at all. Why are the Vikings there? Why are they dressed as Vikings? Why are they singing love songs to pressed meat? Eric: [about 'Sit on My Face'] Gracie would have loved my version I'm sure. Michael Palin: [archive footage - debate in defence of Life of Brian] Yes, you started out with an open mind. John Cleese: [archive footage - debate in defence of Life of Brian] 400 years ago we would have be burned for this film. Now I am suggesting we have made an advance.




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It's... the Monty Python Story

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