机动战士高达SEED:命运 (2004) 5.9

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2004-10-09(日本)| 动作 冒险 科幻| 日本
上映时间:2004-10-09(日本) 类型: 动作 冒险 科幻 战争 动画 恐怖
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Two Years after The war Between the Earth Alliance and ZAFT, conflicts between the two nations heat up again. Shin Asuka, the new Main Chara...更多>



Yuna Roma Seiran: [Yuna spots the ring Athrun gives Cagalli on her hand and grabs her hand] Playtime is over, Cagalli. Even though I'm sorry that this is all happening so fast, [he starts fondling the ring] Yuna Roma Seiran: both you and I are Naturals. And ORB will ally with the Atlantic Federation. At any rate, it is impossible for you and that Coordinator boyfriend of yours to stay together. The worlds you live in are different. Andorew Waldfeld: Lacus. You have the keys, don't you? We'll open the door. There's no choice. Or do you think it'd be better for everyone here to die obediently? Kira Yamato: Lacus Lacus Clyne: Kira... Kira Yamato: Give them to me. Then I'll open it... I'll be ok Lacus Clyne: No. But, this is... Kira Yamato: It's all right. I'm fine already, Lacus. Lacus Clyne: Kira... Kira Yamato: To stay like this and not be able to protect any of you, is much more painful... Lacus Clyne: Kira... Kira Yamato: So, give me the keys. Shinn Asuka: I won't be defeated by a thing like this! [proceeds to go into SEED Mode] Gilbert Dullindal: [to Athrun] I didn't want to put you in the ordinary chain of command... I'm sure you don't want that either. Just think of it as a measure for convenience. After all, its name, FAITH, suggests the pledging of loyalty. After all, you just have to pledge loyalty to your own beliefs and truths. Athrun Zala: Chairman... Gilbert Dullindal: You are someone who abides by what you believe regardless of current trends, and someone who is capable of fighting when it is necessary, aren't you? Athrun Zala: We cannot allow ourselves to exchange blows base on just anger and hatred alone. If we were to exchange blows for those reasons alone, the world will once again become a pointless battlefield! I beg of you... Please don't let that happen! Gilbert Dullindal: Alex-kun. Athrun Zala: I'm... I'm Athrun Zala! The son of Patrick, who spread foolish hatred across the world and intensified the war to that critical point two years ago! Believing my father's words to be right, I went onto the battlefield, took the lives of the enemy, and my friend and I even tried to kill each other! Even when I realized that all of it was wrong, I couldn't do anything to stop it, and ended up losing everything! Gilbert Dullindal: Athrun.


Athrun Zala: There's no way I can let this happen again! Gilbert Dullindal: [to Athrun Zala] But the things you are capable of doing, and the things you want to do... You should be the one who is most aware of the answers to those. Mia Campbell: He said, "I am in need of your power now... for the sake of PLANT." That's why... Athrun Zala: It's not your power... but Lacus's that he needs. Mia Campbell: That's true. But for now... No. It's not only now, isn't it? Lacus-san is always needed by everyone. She's always so strong, pretty, and gentle. Mia isn't needed by anyone. That's why it's okay even if it is just for now. As long as I can be of help to the Chairman and the people, in place of Lacus-san who is not here, I am happy to do so. Athrun Zala: Yzak! Yzak Jule: You little...! What the hell's the meaning of this? Athrun Zala: Hey, wait a sec! Hey! What's with this, all of a sudden? Yzak Jule: That's my line, Athrun! We're already so busy at the moment, but then we were summoned by the Supreme Council, so we went over wondering what it was about. Then, as it turns out, we've been ordered to be your bodyguard so that we can keep an eye on you! Athrun Zala: What? Yzak Jule: Why must I be called back from the front for a reason like this? Athrun Zala: Bodyguard and surveillance? Dearka Elthman: You want to go out, right? Athrun Zala: Dearka! Dearka Elthman: Been a while. But I guess since the situation is as it is, even if you're from a friendly nation, you can't wander around PLANT by yourself. Athrun Zala: Y-yeah, I was told that there would be someone accompanying me. But... you? Yzak Jule: That's right! Hmmph! Dearka Elthman: Well, it just means that someone who knows about us set this up. So, where do you want to go? Yzak Jule: If you say something like shopping, I won't forgive you! Athrun Zala: It's nothing like that. I just wanted to visit the graves of Nicol and the rest... Since I can't come to PLANT that often. That's why I thought that I'd like to go. Yzak Jule: Come back, Athrun. There may be quite a few issues, but I'll do something about that. So, come back to PLANT. You're... Athrun Zala: But... Yzak Jule: Both he and I should have died a long time ago. But Chairman Dullindal said this: "The youths who got involved and killed in a war started by adults... Should we say they've sinned and punish them now? If we do that, who exactly will carry the future of PLANT? It is precisely because they have been through those tough times that I want them to be the ones to create a peaceful future." That's why I still don that military uniform, even now. Even thought that's the only thing I can do, I'm sure I can still make something out of it for the good of PLANT and for my friends who have passed away. Athrun Zala: Yzak.


Yzak Jule


: That is why you should do something as well. Are you planning to let all that power go to waste? Yuna Roma Seiran: [to Cagalli] This country is not your toy! Stop saying things influenced by sentimentalism! Athrun Zala: [to Shinn Asuka] Everyone who has cried over being powerless feels that way, I think. But, from the moment you take that power into your hand, you'll become the person who will make others cry. Don't you ever forget that. Athrun Zala: We will be going out into the battlefield again soon. Should you forget that at that time, losing yourself to your own selfish reasoning and sense of justice, you'll become a destroyer, using your power recklessly against others. Athrun Zala: You're not like that, right? Kira Yamato: [after rescuing Cagalli from geting married to Yuna - sees the wedding dress she's wearing] Wow, this dress is amazing! Athrun Zala: You seem to have some type of grudge against Orb. May I ask why? I thought you used to live there. If you're looking for some trivial excuse to drag the representative into an irrelevant fight, I won't stand for it. Shinn Asuka: Rival! I won't let anyone call it trivial, and you're wrong about it being irrelevant too. I lost my entire family because of the Athhas. They believed in the nation, and they believed and your so-called ideals. And in the end, they were all killed at Onogoro. [Shinn turns toward Cagalli who then gasps at the anger in his eyes.] Shinn Asuka: That's why I will never believe a word that you say. I'll never believe in Orb. I'll never believe any of your self-serving lies again. When you said you were going to uphold justice, did you ever stop and think of the innocents? Of how many people would die because you insisted on following through your values to the bitter end? [Cagalli recalls the deaths of M1 Astray pilots Mayura Labatt, Juri Wu Nien, and Asagi Caldwell] Shinn Asuka: I wish people who didn't understand stuff, wouldn't talk about things as if they did. [Shinn, Athrun, and the rest of the Minerva crew have discovered the Earth Alliance's dirty secret at the Lodonia Lab, the place where they create the Extendeds] Shinn Asuka: This is crazy! It's unbelievable! They go on about Coordinators being a mistake and a crime against nature, and then they create these? Athrun Zala: Shinn . . . Shinn Asuka: How the hell can they say tinkering with genes is wrong when they are doing things like this? Athrun Zala: I couldn't agree more. [Shinn and Athrun are locked into a fast and furious battle against each other...] Athrun Zala: Shinn, you must stop it already! Shinn Asuka: Damn it! Why am I... Why am I losing to someone like you? Athrun Zala: You must stop fighting for your own past, because it will only hold you back! [Flashbacks of their fallen comrades, families and friends as Athrun emphasizes his point] Shinn Asuka:




导演: 阿瓦提·钱德安

演员: 阿米尔·汗泽伊拉·沃西姆



导演: 李芳芳

演员: 章子怡张震


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