"Teen Titans"

"Teen Titans" (2003) 5.2

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In a major city, Robin the Boy Wonder leads his own team of superheroes, The Teen Titans. With his teammates, the dark Raven, the powerful C...更多>



[Robin offers Starfire some cotton candy] Starfire: The last time I ate a ball of cotton, it was white. And it did not taste very good. Robin: This is different. [both eat some] Starfire: Mmm... It vanished! Robin: Yeah. It'll do that. Guy at Club: Hey, Hot Alien Babe, you digging the scene? Starfire: Oh I didn't know we were suppose to bring shovels... [Winning a carnival ring-toss game] Beast Boy: Told ya we'll win you a prize. Raven: A giant chicken. I must be the luckiest girl in the world. Starfire: I suggest a large pizza with pickles, bananas, and mint frosting. Robin: Uh, Starfire? Not everything on the menu is a pizza topping. Raven: [at a rave] This party is pointless. Goth Boy: Everything's pointless. Wanna talk about it? Raven: [warningly, in an icy monotone] They went into my room. No one should ever go into my room. Cyborg: We're in Raven's room. We should not be in Raven's room. Raven: [during a battle in the tower, she sees a bunch of robots come out of a room] That's my room! NOBODY GOES IN MY ROOM! Terra: [after helping Slade apparently kill the Titans and take over the city] My name is Terra. I have done horrible things. And I have absolutely no regrets. Beast Boy: [about a mad-scientist's army of oversized maggots] You know, now that nobody's making 'em all mutate-y, these little guys might actually make good pets. Raven: Don't even think about it. Raven: I don't do fear. Beast Boy: You think your alone, Raven, but you're not. Control Freak: [after all his gadgets fail to stop the Titans East] Those would have worked on the real Titans. Your powers are just... stupid. I don't want to play any more! [teleports away] Speedy: Did the bad guy just zap himself out of the fight? Raven:


That would have been more profound without the hat.


Beast Boy: I'm sorry... he broke your heart. Cyborg: So, Raven has the gem? Robin: No, Raven is the gem. Slade: The first task is complete... master. The message has been sent. The inscriptions are in place, she knows what she must do. The Prophecy will be fulfilled. Trigon: Then the world of mortals shall be ended. Slade: [rising out of the stone from underground] The day has begun. [repeated line] Robin: Titans *go*! Headmistress: I am deeply sorry. Once the agents have been retrieved from the authorities, they will be severely punished. Slade: No need. They were messengers, and my message got across loud and clear. [then Slade pushes a button that has images of Robin popping up on the TV] Robin: [on the TV] Who is Slade? Gizmo: Who's side are you on, barf-brain? Red X: Mine. [blows up Gizmo's vehicle] Gizmo: Cr-uuu-d! Beast Boy: Terra? Terra: Sorry, you've got the wrong girl. Beast Boy: [last of the series] Beast Boy to Robin... I'm on my way... Dr. Light: No one defeats Dr. Light! No one! Raven: [Appears behind Dr. Light] Remember me? Dr. Light: [looking mortified] I'd like to go to jail now, please. Katarou: You think you can stop me? Robin: I know I can! Brother Blood: School is now in session and here's the first lesson: NO ONE DEFIES BROTHER BLOOD! Slade: Take my word for it, Robin, you shouldn't play with fire. Aqualad: Fish tacos? What were you thinking? I'm from the ocean! These were probably friends of mine! Speedy: You said get lunch and I got lunch. Chow down! Starfire: [after Cyborg has left the team] Eat. It will ease your troubled mind. Raven: My mind is never troubled. People come, people go. It's pointless to be upset about Cyborg. [powers flare up and destroy several computer screens] Raven: What? Raven: [after she and Starfire have switched bodies]


Starfire! You have to calm down. My powers are driven by emotion. The more you feel, the more energy you unleash.




导演: 吴京

演员: 吴京弗兰克·格里罗



导演: 叶伟信

演员: 甄子丹吴樾

"Teen Titans"

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