"Witch Hunter Robin"

"Witch Hunter Robin" (2004) 7.7

2002-07-03(日本)| 动作 冒险 奇幻| 日本
上映时间:2002-07-03(日本) 类型: 动作 冒险 奇幻 恐怖 动画
评分: 力荐



Chief Kosaka: Everyone was missing so I figured you were up to something sneaky! Michael Lee: If it's law or curiosity; I'll choose curiosity. Yurika Dojima: Aw! Geez! And it was just getting interesting too! Haruto Sakaki: Imagine that you're interested in your work. Yurika Dojima: Like me more now? Haruto Sakaki: Not really. Robin Sena: We don't do accidents... Miho Karasuma: Yes, I know that. Robin Sena: Then why are we here? Miho Karasuma: I thought it would be better than touching a corpse. Robin Sena: Toko, I saw you the other day when you were with Amon. I had no idea you knew eachother. Perhaps you are lovers? Toko Masaki: Don't be silly. Akio Kurosawa: Scallions... Robin Sena: huh? Akio Kurosawa: Wrap some around your neck. Sometimes it works better than medicine, and it certainly can't hurt y'know. Dr. Kurihara: Let's let him stay asleep. Akio Kurosawa: Yes, permanently. Dr. Kurihara: Yeah Amon: Someone will come by later and pick up the remains. Thank you. Coroner: Wait a minute! You mean you two didn't come here to pick this up? [Robin and Amon stare] Robin Sena: We have the same powers. Saki Yoshioka: The same power as me? [shakes her head] Saki Yoshioka: No it's not true! The only one who can use this power is my sister! Takuma Zaizen: [to Amon] Your emotions are getting in the way, are they? Shohei Hattori: [after arguing for awhile] Huh did you say something? Haruto Sakaki: Nope. I didn't say a thing. So about the Chief... Shohei Hattori: Don't be redundant. The Chief is over at Harry's right now. Haruto Sakaki: He is? Shohei Hattori: He went to go check up on the girls. They're always causing problem and now we sent them over there. Since we're the ones responsible for them we must keep track of them. Haruto Sakaki: So that's why he was looking all wound up... Shohei Hattori: Sorry, were you speaking to me? Haruto Sakaki: Nope! It was nothing! I just hope that what he sees at Harry's doesn't send him back here in a bad mood. Shohei Hattori: Yes, me too! Chief Kosaka: Tell me THIS Dojima! Why is it normally you're barely able to drag yourself to work everyday and yet you manage to pull twelve hour shifts at this place? Yurika Dojima: Wow Chief! You look more worked up than usual. Does that mean you miss me? Yurika Dojima: What do you have there? Robin Sena: It was at the scene of the incident. Yurika Dojima: At the scene of the- You took something away from there without asking? Robin Sena: Is that bad? Yurika Dojima: What do you mean "IS THAT BAD?" Yurika Dojima: [everyone looks at Dojima] Heh heh. Yurika Dojima: [to Robin after finding out a victim disappeared] I figure the people who live here must've taken him. Haruto Sakaki: Yep. It's that kind of place wouldn't you say? [looks around at the poverty stricken neighborhood and people] Yurika Dojima: [about Robin] Maybe she just decided to play hookie today... Haruto Sakaki: No that's more like your M.O. Robin wouldn't do that. Yurika Dojima: Maybe she just ran away... Haruto Sakaki: Once again, I'd say that's more your speed. Amon: A witch must always be hunted.


"Witch Hunter Robin"

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