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Optimus Primal: Forget the seeds of the future... I'm burying you in the past. Optimus Primal: What's wrong Megatron? Is your "single elegant machine" having trouble multitasking? Rattrap: Your wish is my command-dot-com. Megatron: History starts today. Nightscream: Think sharp or B-Flat. Music to my ears. Tankorr: Awe! Did you like me better when my vocabulary was limited to TANKORR SMASH? Megatron: Mind your manners. I rescued your spark from oblivion. I chose you as my general for a reason. Black Arachnia: Yeah! To satisfy his twisted sense of humour. Don't listen to him. Megatron: You are a creature of honor Silverbolt. You fight for just causes. I gave you such a cause. Black Arachnia: The destruction of all organic life? Megatron: Cybertron is a haven for machines... where Optimus was deluded by the visions of a malfunctioning computer I have been restoring Cybertron's purity and surely that is the most honorable cause of all. Black Arachnia: A world without free will? Where's the honor in that? Don't listen to him Silverbolt. He turned you into a monster. Megatron: I gave you strength. I gave you courage. Black Arachnia: We gave you friendship... I gave you my heart. Megatron: I gave you power. I gave you life. Silverbolt: You gave me NOTHING! Black Arachnia: What's the point of learning how to transform if we can't do it under fire? Jetstorm: You break em, you bought em kitty cat. You again? What say we finish this once and for all? Black Arachnia: Music to my ears. Shall we dance? Silverbolt: How can you stand the sight of me? Look at what I've become. Black Arachnia: Your spark is strong. Megatron could never crush your spirit. Silverbolt: What do you know about my spirit? Black Arachnia: Where do you think you're going? Do you have any idea what I went through to get you back again? Silverbolt: After what YOU went through? Optimus Primal: Keep them busy. I can reformat him. Cheetor: Bigbot! No! You're not strong enough. Optimus Primal: I will NOT loose another Maximal. Nightscream: Hey! Nice upgrade. I am transformed. Rattrap: Whoo hoo! Does it ever feel good to be a team again. Black Arachnia: What's wrong? Silverbolt


: Megatron used me to infect all of you. Still happy to have me back? Optimus Primal: More than ever old friend. Black Arachnia: I'm sorry. I never should have let him take you. Optimus Primal: We'll discuss it later. Black Arachnia! Silverbolt! Retreat. Black Arachnia: The nightmare is finally over. Cheetor: Guys. Aren't we shy a couple of units? Black Arachnia: I see you've made a new friend Silverbolt: Yeah well, whatever. Black Arachnia: And given time you may even learn to forgive yourself... Like we have. Botanica: [muttering to herself] Everyone else gets a partner. I get a furry little travel agent. Black Arachnia: We have to find where they're holding Optimus and Cheetor. Silverbolt: They're your concern. I'm only here for Megatron. Black Arachnia: Revenge? That's your noble ideal? I know one knight in shining armor who could use a little polish. Black Arachnia: Silverbolt? Silverbolt: Black Arachnia? Black Arachnia: Is it really you? Silverbolt: Get back! What am I? No! NOOOOO! Black Arachnia: Silverbolt! Come back. Cheetor: Rattrap. Where's Black Arachnia? Rattrap: They probably want to be alone. I mean she probably wants to be alone. Oops! Okay you got me. She went to recover Silverbolt's spark. Cheetor: From where? Rattrap: Would you believe from inside Thrust? Nightscream: Ugh! I am NOT chasing down her spark again. Nightscream: Spark (A) goes into shell (B). How hard can it be? Rattrap: Ah Silverbolt buddy it is great to have you back. Optimus Primal: Thank you for bringing him back to us. Cheetor: The old gang is finally all together again... Well, mostly. Sorry Bigbot. Optimus Primal: No. Rhinox is gone... I accept that. We have to take our victories where we find them and assure that no other spark shares his fate. Black Arachnia: See? What were you worried about? It's just like old times. Silverbolt: For them perhaps. Not for me. Black Arachnia: We'll all need time to adjust. Now that we have a moment to breathe. [rumbling] Rattrap: You just had to go and jinx it didn't you? Nightscream: Going somewhere tailpipe? Thrust: Just looking for something worth fragging.




: Me too. I guess we both got lucky. Thrust: That spark is MINE! Nightscream: OVER MY EMPTY SHELL! [Nightscream shrieks] Nightscream: Sweet dreams exhaust-for-brains. Black Arachnia: You are what you've always been... Honest, pure, virtuous to a fault. Silverbolt: You're taking a huge risk. Black Arachnia: Considering how well I know the goodness in your heart it really isn't a risk at all. Rhinox: I could use someone like you. Diagnostic Drone: I'm programmed to serve Megatron. I have no alternative. Rhinox: Trust me. There are always alternatives. Rattrap: You guys! A little help. [Nightscream screeches] Rattrap: Whew! Thanks kid. Nightscream: No problem. Next time look out for yourself. I don't know why I did that. Cheetor: You could have brought this whole tunnel down on our heads. Black Arachnia: Who lead us down here in the first place right into an ambush? Silverbolt: This... This is my fault. I never should have returned. Black Arachnia: That's right just run away from your problems. Rattrap: Yeah! Good riddance. Black Arachnia: Watch it! He never would have left if it weren't for you. [angry shouting] Black Arachnia: I already lost you once. I don't want to lose you again. Silverbolt: Don't worry. Whatever happens we will always be together, forever. Rattrap: Take it from an authority on the subject, I SMELL A RAT. Hello! This thing is sending an activation signal right through the ground. Silverbolt: To trigger a pre-planted virus right? HIDDEN IN ME? Rattrap: Yup! And it's was a nasty piece of business too. It had an adrenalin booster, neocortex suppresser and a shut-off on the self-diagnostic and its contagious. Nightscream: It must be a new strain of that ancient hate-plague virus or didn't you guys ever take history? Cheetor: So how do we counteract it? Rattrap: In two words? IM-POSSIBLE! Megatron: and I have two more words for you Maximals... GOOD-BYE! Diagnostic Drone: Sire... Megatron will be very suspicious of your absense not to mention mine. Tankorr: I have a more important task for you. Diagnostic Drone: Does it include smelting? Tankorr: Behold... The Oracle. The old Autobot history data tracks refer to a powerful spheroid computer called Vector-Sigma.




导演: 吴京

演员: 吴京弗兰克·格里罗



导演: 叶伟信

演员: 甄子丹吴樾

"Beast Machines: Transformers"

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