"BeastMaster" (1999)

  • 澳大利亚 加拿大
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  • 动作  冒险  奇幻


  • Tao: So we're helping someone we don't like, based on the word of someone who never tells the truth. Dar: Tao, is this another of your "day of change stories"? Tao: It's the day of change. Strange things happen. Beautiful women in dreams, peaches, strange things. Tao: Something wrong? Dar: No, I had a dream; you were in it. Tao: Really? What was I doing? No, let me guess, I was with a beautiful woman. Dar: There was a beautiful woman. Tao: And what was she doing? Dar: She was smiling at me. Tao: What was I doing? Dar: You were eating a peach. Dar: Tao, roots are important. Tao: Even if they're not deep? It's been a long time since I've seen my tribe. Dar: Some of the greatest trees have shallow roots and they survive strong winds because they stand together, their roots intertwined. Arina: Do animals always do what you ask? Dar: Sometimes. They are like humans. They listen, but it doesn't always mean they heard you. The Ancient One: All things have a perfect place in life. Joy is balanced by sorrow. Day by night. Giving by receiving. Wisdom by humility. The secret of life is balance, living in harmony and honor with that which surrounds you. The Ancient One: Dwell in the past and there will be no future. Tao: Some say that life never ends. It only changes form. Dar: He means no harm. Tao: But neither does a snake hidden in the grass until you step on it. Dar: [pulls girl off sinking Tao] Patience Tao. Tao: Patience is for those who aren't on fire! 复制 复制成功 复制失败,请手动复制
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