"The Sentinel" (1997)

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"The Sentinel"


  • advertisement Blair Sandburg: You know, for a guy with hyperactive senses you can be really dense. Blair Sandburg: You're a detective with hyperactive senses. You're a monster, man. A human crime lab with organic sensory equipment. What more do you want? Jim Ellison: Control. Blair Sandburg: Oh, hey. Notice how the war chant of the Yanomamo headhunters finds its pulse in the cellars of Seattle. I'm sure your dad used to say that stuff all the time about the Stones. "Hey, hey, turn that jungle music down." Jim Ellison: Yes, he did. So do I. You mind? Blair Sandburg: What's that all about? Jim Ellison: I felt like I knew him from someplace. Blair Sandburg: Yeah, me too. Cascade Zoo. Primate house. Jim Ellison: Every little light blinds me. When somebody flushes a toilet down the other end of the train, it sounds like Niagara Falls in my head. One minute I'm hot, the next minute I'm freezing. Blair Sandburg: Sounds like menopause. Jim Ellison: Let me tell you something: You get a tattoo and your Blessed Protector's going to kick your ass down seven flights of stairs to the lobby. Blair Sandburg: Yeah, that's our job. "neither rain nor sleet nor dark of night will stay these guys from making their appointed rounds. Jim Ellison: Isn't that the post office motto? Jim Ellison: Incacha, help me! Incacha: Why do you call me? Jim Ellison: Am I losing my mind? Incacha: Do not be afraid to walk through your dreams. You must allow your spirit to speak. Jim Ellison: But all I see is death in my dreams. Incacha: If there is darkness, then you must face it. Darkness will flee from the light but the light must shine from within. I can not bring it to you. What do you see? What do you fear? Jim Ellison: This is not me! 复制 复制成功 复制失败,请手动复制
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