1813. Major Sharpe's old enemy, Major Duclos manipulates a beautiful young marquesa into falsely accusing Sharpe of rape. Her husband calls ...更多>



La Marquesa: It's bloody freezing! Patrick Harper: Must be the weather, maam. Aide: Should I serve sherry to the Spanish officers, sir? Wellington: Damn it, Stokeley, it's an execution, not a bloody christening. Pierre Ducos: You've had it easy in this war, Helene. Fluttering your eyelashes and living in Spanish splendour with your dear husband, the Marques. La Marquesa: I married him at Napoleon's request. I can't enjoy having him grunt all over me while I stole information for people like you. Pierre Ducos: I never considered it. La Marquesa: But then you've never had sex. Peter d'Alembourd: I've been speaking with some of the Spanish officers. The Marques is a very fine swordsman. He's been taking lessons in Paris from Ouellet! Richard Sharpe: Well, he can take lessons in Spain from me. La Marquesa: Good bye, Raoul. Come soon! (she leaves in a coach) But then again you always do. Wellington: If Sharpe is found not guilty the Spanish will never believe us or trust us again. They want justice. Nairn: I think they should get it, sir... whatever the verdict. Major Vaughan: Major Sharpe, a gentleman you may not be but you will behave as one in this court! Do I make myself clear? Father Hacha: Your husband is dead, Marquesa. La Marquesa: I find it hard to tell the difference. [after Sharpe is believed to be hanged] Capt. Peter D'Alembord: Damn waste, Harper. Patrick Harper: It was damn murder, sir. Patrick Harper: Can I ask you where we're going, sir? Nairn: Over the hills, sergeant, and far away. Patrick Harper: Right. Which hills and how far? Nairn: So you believe in ghosts, do you sergeant? Patrick Harper: I believe in God the Father, God the Son and the sidhe ridin' the wind. Mother Superior: I hope you are well. La Marquesa: I hope you're in excruciating pain. Mother Superior: Father Hacha has told me of your deep desire to repent. La Marquesa: I haven't sinned enough yet. Mother Superior: Stop! La Marquesa: Too late, sister. I'm off to commit adultery. Lots of it. La Marquesa: You saved my life. Richard Sharpe: Y


ou tried to end mine. La Marquesa: I've never met you. Richard Sharpe: Well, do you hear that, Pat? She's never met me. Patrick Harper: You're bleeding, sir. Don't move. Richard Sharpe: What about my shameful suggestions? La Marquesa: What? Richard Sharpe: Oh, she's denying me now, Pat. After all we've been through. Patrick Harper: I hear her, sir. Richard Sharpe: You think she'd remember the man who got down on his knees, drunk mind you, and crawled on her floor begging Her Ladyship to sleep with her. Bugger! Patrick Harper: I'd remember it. Richard Sharpe: Aye! So would I. The man lost his honour because of the lady's lies. Stripped of his rank... hung on a rope. La Marquesa: Who are you? Richard Sharpe: You know who I am. My name is Sharpe. Sharpe: Drunk again, Harper? Harper: Oh, me too, sir. El Matarife: You must count the ways of your death. Sharpe: The dead don't count, El Matarife. Sharpe: Bloody French on one side, partisans on the other... and we're stuck here with the woman who had me hung. Harper: God does work in mysterious ways. Nairn: His name was Liam Dooley. He and his brother were going to be hanged for looting a church. I made them an offer. One could live, but one would die. Liam called heads. It was a very bad call. Ducos: You have failed me, priest. Father Hacha: I do not understand. Ducos: Sharpe is alive. The Marquesa is free. The English come. Father Hacha: [frightened] Sharpe is dead. I saw him hanged. Ducos: [shoots Hacha] You call me a liar? Nairn: He may already be dead. Harper: You tried that one before, sir. Nairn: Did he interrogate her [referring to the Marquesa] Nairn: ? Patrick Harper: He was at her all night.


Sharpe's Honour

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