"Mighty Max" (1993)

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"Mighty Max"
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  • 上映时间1993年09月01日(美国)


  • advertisement [Max and Norman enter a room with several solid stone slabs as furniture] Max: Yeesh, what is this place? Norman: My room, Mighty One Max: Ah. Remind me never to have a pillow fight with you, Norman. Max: My mentor is an over-sized chicken? Virgil: I'm a fowl, actually. [Zygote faces his T-Rex against Max's devolved pet iguana, Thor] Prof. Zygote: My dinosaur can beat your dinosaur! Max: Oh, now we're REALLY mature. Virgil: Max, my boy. You are earth's only hope! Max: You know, I knew you were going to say that. Come on man. What about the air force, or the U.N.? Arnold Schwarzenegger? I mean we don't want to hog all the glory for ourselves. Virgil: I'm afraid the aliens' ships are invisible to radar and your military is no match for their superior firepower. Max: Oh, and I am? Max: How about Norman? I really have a good feeling about him. Norman: I eat aliens for breakfast! Max: Ha, you see. They're even on his diet. Max: Hey Virg, how come you can't fly? Virgil: I learned to read instead. Bea: Who are you? And why are you dripping slime on the floor? Bea: Max, you and your stupid cap! Max: Hey, I don't make it work! Max: Don't I get to make my one phone call? My mom'll be worried if I don't call and let her know I'm in jail! Norman: Slow as ever, ungainly beast. Slow and stupid! Max: This squid is really losing his temper! And I'm losing my lunch! Hanuman: No, you can't do this. I do not want to be a hero again... please? Max: Sometimes you gotta do things, whether you want to or not! Norman: Yes! Sometimes you do. Max: Why are we still running? Norman: Good exercise. Man: Him! Sarah: Him! Max: Who him? Max: Come on, Virg. The only dinosaur living in Hawaii is big and purple and sings on TV. Max: Good means of summoning, Virgil. Why didn't you spell it out in pepperoni? Virgil: I wanted to make sure you read it before you ate it. Max: Oh great! A talking chicken doll telling me what to do! Virgil Doll: I'm a fowl, actually. Max: You can't fly the plane. Bea: Why? Because I'm a girl? Max: Because you don't know how. Bea: Yes I do. My mother taught me. Max: Whoa, a CD! No title? Just my luck, it might be the Village People. Virgil: We must act at once, Mighty One! Max's Mom: Max, you're not going into that tunnel unless I go with you. Max: Ohh, I wonder if other superheroes had to bring their moms along when they save the world. Max's Mom: Come on! You know I'm not like other moms. Careful honey, you might poke your eye out. Max: What are we facing this time? A beast? A monster? A demon? Man #1: It's a beast! Man #2: It's a monster! Man #3: It's a demon! Max: Ha! Ace Ventura always gets it! Max: Oh well. What would you expect from a fowl? Man in Chicken Suit: Hey! I'm a chicken, actually! Skull Master: Where is it, Mighty One? Max: Oh, what? The men's room? I think it's right around... Skull Master: THE ARCANA! Virgil: Skull Master, let the boy go. Skull Master: Reveal the location of the Arcana, and I will. Deny me, and I'll the cut the boy a new smile! Max: Stuck. Norman: You want me to break it? Max: Never mind him, we gotta realign those satellites. Virgil: I fear that will be impossible. Mega has created a force field around the controls. Norman: You want me to break it? Max: That's just about your favorite thing to do, isn't it Normie? Max: A Cyberskull action figure? That's a "Must Have" item on my Christmas list! Norman: I'm gonna make a pancake out of that pipsqueak! Computer: Please enter the access code. Virgil: Oh dear. It will take me days to decipher this. Norman: Allow me. [he punches the door and gets electrocuted] Norman: Ho! Aah! Computer: I'm sorry. "Ho, Aah" is not the correct access code. Please try again. Max: Maybe we should knock? Virgil: Knock? Computer: "Knock Knock" is the correct access code. [door opens] Computer: Please come in, and wipe your feet. Max: Mom! You gotta take that ring off! Max's Mom: I don't think it's going to fit you, Max. It's tight on me. Max: What's going on here? Virgil: Oh merely the end of the world! Max: Oh good. I was afraid it was something serious. Max: Virgil, the prophecy has got to have something to say about this mess? Virgil: With Skull Master's demise, the prophecy no longer applies! Nothing but chaos remains. Norman: Works for me! Skull Master: You fool, you can't save the world! Max: I can die trying! Skull Master: You will! [opening lines of the series, as we see Skullmaster's digging machines at work] Skull Master: Dig. Swallow. Chew. Eat me a hole so I may bring... pain! A tunnel to unleash my torment... upon them. Up... on the surface... in the sun... Dig a path for me to be *freeeeee!* 复制 复制成功 复制失败,请手动复制
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