Three kingdoms have been overtaken by three evil lords and only Tyor, a teenaged boy with magical powers, can restore peace to the land. Wit...更多>



Prince Erman: Could you give me a hand with this slimy hog-demon? Dark One: See ya next quest. Idun: Come on. I know a way in, and three ways out. Caedmon: He has no weapon, Tyor, and he knows that even if you embrace the thought of killing him, you will become evil, and join him, and not kill him. GET IT? Caedmon: Shut up and just act interested in things. Tyor: Uhhh... Try again Caedmon. I mean, it looks like chicken, it feels like chicken, but it eats, like a rock. Amathea: [after dispatching three bad guys with bow and arrow, sword fighting with the last two] I probabably should have left one more alive, just to be fair.


Wizards of the Lost Kingdom II

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