The Principal

The Principal (1987) 9.0

1987-09-18(美国)| 动作 犯罪| 美国
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Rick Latimer is a teacher who gets a job as the principal of a school with a very bad reputation. In fact, his transfer there is a kind of p...更多>



Raymi: Man, do you know where you are? You're at Brandel. Ain't you heard what they said about this place? Garbage NEVER leaves the dump. Victor Duncan: This school here is MY school. And I make the rules. Rick Latimer: Not anymore. Jake Phillips: I'd like to replace your old rusty lock with a brand new one. The kind that only a .357 Magnum can get through. Rick Latimer: Thanks, Jake. That's very encouraging. Victor Duncan: If you're trying to reach me, I'll just cut your hand off. Rick Latimer: I've got another one. Rick Latimer: [awaiting Victor Duncan] We'll give him another minute. And then we'll go home. Jake Phillips: [after only a few seconds] Okay, time's up. Rick Latimer: I'll be here tomorrow. Jake Phillips: I'll be here too. Rick Latimer: We are very stupid men. Jake Phillips: Yeah, I know. But what can you do? [addressing teachers] Rick Latimer: Lighten up! Have some courage. Brave it through a little bit. Knives only hurt if they go through you. Urine only smells if you don't clean it up. Come on! [Latimer has the upper-hand in a scuffle with Duncan] Victor Duncan: Please! No more! Rick Latimer: You got that right! [Latimer throws Duncan out of the school via a double-door] Rick Latimer: [shouts] No more! Rick Latimer: [in the teachers' lounge, which is full even though classes are supposed to be in session] ... I want a full-school assembly during sixth period, TODAY. 1st Teacher: Are you MAD? Do you know what could happen? 2nd Teacher: Why are you doing this? Rick Latimer: ...I like the attention. Victor Duncan: Why don't you do yourself a favor and go back to your white-bread, suburban, cesspool land while you still have a chance? Rick Latimer: I can't. Rick Latimer:


[dealing with a couple of troublemakers in his new office, both of whom keep insulting - and trying to injure - each other in front of him]


... Like I said, we got all day... Robert Darcy: [enters nervously] ... I was hoping to speak to you before this - Rick Latimer: This wonderful welcoming party? Why don't we start my first day off with some expulsion papers for Mr. Shit and Mr. Fuck here? And call the police. [to Jake Phillips who has just popped in] Rick Latimer: Hi. Rick Latimer. I'm the new principal. Jake Phillips: No kidding. [moves on] Robert Darcy: [to Latimer] ... Did you get a look at the neighborhood coming into this place? Brandel High isn't exactly the highest priority for the police around here. Rick Latimer: These guys are trying to cut each other's nuts off. Robert Darcy: The cops would only ask why you stopped them. As far as expulsion goes, most of the students here have already been expelled from someplace else. Rick Latimer: [to a student] ... Linda, I want you wearing a bra to class. It's not going to change your grade. Rick Latimer: [in his office] ... Okay, what's your name? White Zac: Just call me White Zac. My real last name's O'Something-Or-Other, too long to say. Rick Latimer: Sweet. Well, Mr. O'Something-Or-Other, can you tell me what class *this* is for? [holds up a switchblade taken from Zac] White Zac: Any class Victor Duncan tries to kill me in. Kimberly Latimer: ...A minute is all it takes for you to do huge damage, Rick. I've put up with all the frat-brat, Peter-Pan bullshit I can take. Rick Latimer: That's your therapist talking, not you. Kimberly Latimer: At least SOMEBODY was talking; YOU weren't. *I* tried to make things work, Rick. *I* didn't run out and get plastered every time we had a problem. I didn't quit on us; *you* did. You let it go, the way you let EVERYTHING go. Three jobs you blew. Then your father got you in at Willoughby College, and you blew that too. Rick Latimer: That's not *all* my fault. *You* had to show up in that bar with your DIVORCE ATTORNEY on your arm. Kimberly Latimer: Rick, grow up. Rick Latimer: I'm trying. I'm running a high school now; I'm in charge of it. I'm the principal. Kimberly Latimer: I heard. At *Brandel.* That doesn't count as a school. Rick Latimer: Now, what is THAT supposed to mean? [she drives off without answering]


The Principal

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