Ronja Rövardotter

Ronja Rövardotter (2001) 7.2

1984-12-14(瑞典)| 动作 家庭 奇幻| 瑞典 挪威
上映时间:1984-12-14(瑞典) 类型: 动作 家庭 奇幻 冒险
国家/地区:瑞典 挪威 
获奖信息:柏林国际电影节(1985年第35届) 获奖:2  提名:1
评分: 力荐

High up on a rock, in the middle of a large forest, there is a stronghold. In that stronghold lives a band of robbers, who robs the innocent...更多>



Mattis: He is lacking me! [Birk is hanging from a cliff] Ronja: Hang on! Birk: There's not much other things to do! Ronja: Bring me some danger! Ronja: Birk! I thought you had drowned! Birk: Not yet, but soon. Lovis: [singing] The wolf howls in the nightly woods. He wants to, but cannot sleep. Hunger claws his wolf stomach, and it's cold within him. You wolf, you wolf, do not come here. You'll never get my child. Fjosok: What will her name be? Lovis: Ronja. Like I've already decided long ago. Lill-Klippen: But what if it had been a boy? Lovis: If I've said that my child's name will be Ronja, it will be a Ronja. Mattis: Take your son, Borka. But you cannot return a child to me, for I don't have one. Borka: What are you saying? Mattis: I'm saying you can have your son back. But you can't return a daughter to me, for I don't have a child. Lovis: But I've got one! Even though the child's father has gone more than a little bit crazy. Undis: What do you have in cahoots with her? Birk: She is my sister. Undis: Sister? Right, we know how that will turn out in a few years. Ronja: Oh, Birk, don't leave me, don't ever leave me again! Birk: I won't, just as long as you keep one rope's distance. Ronja: It was the bear. He clawed her, and took her baby foal! Birk: Oh, Ronja... These things happen in Mattisskogen. And in all forests. Ronja: But I don't want them to! Mattis: I have my child! Birk: Sister mine. Mattis: You stay here and keep a guarding hand on Lovis. What's so funny? Skalle-Per: I'm to keep a guarding hand on Lovis? Mattis: Yes. In case a brute comes, or such. Skalle-Per: If a brute comes and takes on Lovis, then I'd have to keep a guarding hand on the brute instead! Ronja: Keep a rope lengths distance to me, trust me on that. Birk: As you wish, angry robber's daughter. Skalle-Per: Vargklämman is snowed in, not a robber will get out all winter. Ronja: Snowed in? But how am I supposed to meet... I mean, how am I supposed to get out into the woods? Mattis:


You won't get there until spring comes, Ronja mine.


Lovis: What a nuisance. Twelve snowed in robbers, and then you to top it off Mattis. Lovis: [after empting a bucket of water on Mattis] Can't a person get to throw things and have a bit of fun every once in a while, wasn't that what you said?


Ronja Rövardotter

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