Aks (2001) 5.9

2001-07-13(英国)| 惊悚 灾难| 印度
上映时间:2001-07-13(英国) 类型: 惊悚 灾难
评分: 力荐

Aks is the story of a hunter and his prey. A cop and a killer. Aks is the story of Manu Verma and Raghuvan. The story begins in the heart of...更多>




Mahadevan Ghatge


: [confronting Manu] Brother?... your face... it's different... [Manu, as Raghavan, spent a night with Neeta and Mahadevan] Supriya Verma: [on phone] Manu, where were you? I kept waiting up for you all of last night, what happened? Insp. Manu Verma: Duty... and beauty... Supriya Verma: [confused] What? Insp. Manu Verma: Take away all rules and regulations, and Manu Verma would be another Raghavan! You need me... YOU NEED ME! Supriya Verma: Still working? If you people bring your work to the dining table, I might take the dinner to your office, ok? Insp. Manu Verma: Messages from friends can be ignored, Mr. Pradhan. Not those from foes. Madhu Pradhan: Why didn't Manu marry for so long? Supriya Verma: That's what my dad asked. And you know what Manu said? Madhu Pradhan: No! Supriya Verma: Guess... Madhu Pradhan: Must have said that he hadn't found the right girl. Supriya Verma: No! Madhu Pradhan: Then what? Supriya Verma: He said, he forgot. Neeta: Have you ever quenched your thirst with fire, officer? Raghavan Ghatge: [after killing any of his victims] No one dies. No one kills. It's not that I say so... it's written in The Gita. Insp. Manu Verma: Listen, you are not a bad man. You are a demon!



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