In 2069, doctors have developed the technology to create human clones. After governmental legislation, banning human cloning, the doctors at...更多>



Dr. Kent Edmund: You are corrupt as any one of us here, and knowing this you should watch out for yourself. Continuing cloning and the experimentation is not worth the price of a life. Dr. Emillia Mariner: Corrupt? Furthering science is corrupt? We are doing what we have to do. Sync would never have understood what we were trying to accomplish here. He was getting too close. He deserved what he got. People are ignorant. They will never understand what we are doing. The law is ludicrous. All laws are not moral.


Radio Evangelist: [panicky] ... we are not fundamentalists interested in stopping scientific research, but we are frightened. It is precisely because we don't understand the threats that we need to make sure we monitor what goes on with cameras and listening devices throughout the nation... this is the fate of the world. Alencon: They found the transmission. Dr. Emillia Mariner: I did not. You accuse me of these things, which I have not done to you. A friend should support a friend no matter what they do. But instead you make what I do seem worse that it actually is. Dr. Kent Edmund: I don't, until you do it to me. Dr. Emillia Mariner: You do not like me. Dr. Kent Edmund: I don't like what you do. Dr. Emillia Mariner: A friend could never see the bad things. Dr. Kent Edmund: A friend sees this and more. Dr. Annaliisa Pajuste: Everybody here knows what a great man he is. He is a genius. Dr. Ameelia Kasesalu: This is just another step into the evolution of scientific progression. So because of some cop who may find fault mechanics of his own, Edmund must take the responsibility for failure. Lieutenant Elijah Karl Heisenberg: By what grounds do they have to initiate an investigation? Lt. Kesslar H. Erikson: Human rights for prisoners and for clones. They feel the use of prisoners in cloning experimentation is in violation of those rights. Even though they are on death row we must treat them humanely until time of departure. The committee also wants to make sure the clones we have created are bring treated according to the agreement. Human rights outweigh scientific research. Lieutenant Elijah Karl Heisenberg: It's a worn subject, there will always be prejudice. Some of these clones have been genetically engineered so well that the majority of today's society wouldn't be able to keep up with them anyway. We are breaking human rights by making man-kind better? You can't even tell who is a clone and who isn't these days. The only problems which arise from cloning are social ones and mostly having to do with family law, but these are issues that can be resolved. it's not as if we are conducting dangerous experiments that harm human dignity. Lt. Kesslar H. Erikson: All we have to look out for is the National Religious Party. I say we continue the experimentation under strict supervision. The National Religious Party say that people are worried about cloning. What People? You tell the people what to think and the people do. It's nothing more than a political maneuver to better their economic position. It boils down to power. Lieutenant Elijah Karl Heisenberg: It's not as if we are doing anything worse than China had done. They execute over 4,000 prisoners a year, then put the bodies to good use, for organ transplants. No one seems to be worried about that.



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