Jack meets Adrian out in Nevada. Adrian latches on to Jack, and won't go away. Jack tries to lose Adrian, but Adrian informs Jack not to mes...更多>



Adrian: There's two places they send people who are havin' too good a time. One's church, the other's prison. And I done time in both, Jack. Adrian: You can't kill the devil, Jack.


Jack Powell: How the hell did you get dumped in the middle of nowhere? Adrian: A fella' in a big rig picked me up, about where you passed me. But he got a little too devoted, you know what I mean? Jack Powell: So you got out? Adrian: Looks that way. Adrian: The fella' in the fancy suit must have a name. Jack Powell: Jack. Adrian: You know, Jack? I can usually tell in about two minutes all I need to know about a person. Jack Powell: Like what? Adrian: Like is he a loser? Does he shoot dope? Does he like to wear ladies' underwear? Jack Powell: Are you telling me that you're a psychic, or that you like to look at people's pants? Adrian: You're a funny guy, Jack. Adrian: Now you just sit tight a minute while I go right a wrong. Adrian: I figured you'd be long gone by now. You must've lost your appetite in a big hurry, huh? I'd hate to think it's 'cause you didn't like me, Jack. I mean, you can see what an unfriendly place the world can be. Jack Powell: What are you doing? Adrian: I got no place to sleep, Jack. Jack Powell: You're crazy. Adrian: I'll tell on ya, Jack. I'll tell everyone what you got in that briefcase. Don't worry. I'm a man with a secret too myself.


The Nature of the Beast

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