When a Stranger Calls Back

When a Stranger Calls Back (1993) 6.0

1993-04-04(美国)| 恐怖 惊悚| 美国
上映时间:1993-04-04(美国) 类型: 恐怖 惊悚
评分: 力荐

Julia is babysitting two young kids while a doctor and his wife are out. During the evening, a stranger knocks on the door asking Julia if s...更多>



Jill: I'd be willing to bet that her apartment is pretty bare, not cluttered. You would know if a book had been moved. Julia: Someone has been in my apartment and they've done things, little things, to let me know that he's there. Mrs. Schifrin: How do I look? Dr. Schifrin: You look late. Beautiful, but late William Landis: And maybe for the college boys, the truest mirror is the toilet bowl staring back at them the morning after a toga party. William Landis: I am not the reflection of anything. I am not an illusion. I am the truth. I'm invisible. Unknowable. You people are the real illusionists. You people are the real illusionists!


When a Stranger Calls Back

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