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Paul Jenson: Hey, hot shot. We're out of food. Steve Buckner: I know!


Paul Jenson


: Well were is that food that is supposed to be around here? Steve Buckner: It's up ahead. Paul Jenson: You say. Steve Buckner: That's right I say. Paul Jenson: You here that everyone. Hot shot says there's food up ahead. That is if he is reading his map right. Well what the hell let's get going I'm hungry. Steve Buckner: Okay Mr. Jenson. Get your ass in gear and let's go! Paul Jenson: If there's a God left up there to believe in. My father who art in heaven you've a made a jack ass out of me for years. Neville's God, that's the God I believe in! You see what you want you take. You take it! And I am going to do just that! Tucker's Wife: Tucker, I don't like going down without you! Sam: God sent a plague down on us because we're just a bunch of no good fellers. Daniel Santee: You know, when I was a boy, my father couldn't wait to get off the reservation. He even changed his name to Mr. White. Paul Jenson: Look, it's like I just said, great, there's no food! And mighty animal spirits are stalking the land! Now what the hell are we going to do? Daniel Santee: Mighty advertising executive speak with empty head! Roy Moore: The canteen's been evolved, Prof. In and out.


Day of the Animals

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