In wartime Britain, Sherlock Holmes feigns death in order to investigate a spate of "pyjama suicides". His suspicions soon fall on t...更多>



Sherlock Holmes: [on the pyjama suicides] Directing them is one of the most fiendishly clever minds in all Europe today. I suspect a woman. Dr. John H. Watson:


You amaze me, Holmes. Why a woman?


Sherlock Holmes: Because the method, whatever it is, is particularly subtle and cruel. Feline, not canine. Inspector Lestrade: Popycock. When a bloke does himself in, that's suicide. Sherlock Holmes: Unless a bloke is driven to suicide; in that case it's murder. Dr. John H. Watson: Driven? That *sounds* like a woman, doesn't it? Sherlock Holmes: Definitley - a female Moriarty. Clever. Ruthless. And above all, cautious. Dr. John H. Watson: A word, what word? Sherlock Holmes: Pygmy! Inspector Lestrade: Where is he anyhow? Dr. John H. Watson: I'm blessed if I know. He said wait here, by the shooting gallery, and look inconspicuous. Inspector Lestrade: Inconspicuous? Oh... [Lestrade starts whistling and inspecting the ceiling] Dr. John H. Watson: He said inconspicuous, Lestrade, not half-witted. Sherlock Holmes: I'm sorry, Watson. The pleasures of the chase are no longer for me. I'm through with crime forever. Adrea Spedding: I'm so sorry we have nothing in the house for burns. I so seldom get burned. Sherlock Holmes: [Describibg Andrea Spedding as she is being arrested] A remarkable woman! Audacious and deadly as one of her own spiders!




导演: 叶伟信

演员: 甄子丹吴樾



导演: 周申

演员: 任素汐吴昱翰

The Spider Woman

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