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Suguru Fujisaki: [crying while standing in front of his keyboard]


Haven't you ever heard of respecting the will of the artist?


K: [smiling and holding a gun to Fujisaki's head] Hell no! Shuichi Shindo: [smiling blissfully] Hey Hiro, why don't you ask what happened to me last night? Hiroshi Nakano: [smiling and humoring him] Hey, Shuichi, what happened to you last night? Shuichi Shindo: [has heart-shaped eyes] Something GOOD! [Hiro winces] Shuichi Shindo: Now you say, "Come on, don't just say that. What happened?" Hiroshi Nakano: Come on, don't just say that. What happened? Shuichi Shindo: I won't tell! Shuichi Shindo: [shows up at Yuki's door with all his things] Well, hi! [hums and enters, setting a mug down on the table] Shuichi Shindo: This is my favorite mug from when I was a little kid. Eiri Yuki: Um... Shuichi Shindo: [holds up a comic book] Have you ever read this comic? It's my favorite! Eiri Yuki: Uh... Shuichi Shindo: [pulls out a computer] Where's the electrical outlet around here? [pulls out pillow and walks over to the couch] Shuichi Shindo: Call me crazy, but I just can't settle down without my favorite pillow. Eiri Yuki: What the hell do you think you're doing? Shuichi Shindo: I'm going to work now! Eiri Yuki: [waves sleepily] Yeah, whatever. [sits up] Eiri Yuki: Hey, wait a minute, I don't remember saying you could live here with me. Shuichi Shindo: [snuggles up to him] But, Yuki, this is a big house and you've got this whole place all to yourself and besides, you brought me here remember? Eiri Yuki: [shoves Shuichi off the bed] Biggest mistake of my life. Shuichi Shindo: I'm going! [munches Yuki's ear and runs out] Shuichi Shindo: Hee hee hee. Eiri Yuki: [throws pillow at door and clutches ear] That bastard. Touma Seguchi: [sitting on the floor] Ah, Eiri, I had no idea that your ear was your weakness. Shuichi Shindo: [shouts] Yuki is all mine! Sakano: The president will be here any minute! He expects everything to be ready! If he's disappointed I'll lose my job! Clearly I've failed as a manager. The only thing I can do is to end it all. [opens first-story window and prepares to jump out] Sakano: Good luck with your careers! I will miss you! Shuichi Shindo: This really scary guy saw it.


Hiroshi Nakano




导演: 刁亦男

演员: 胡歌桂纶镁


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