Home on the Prairie

Home on the Prairie (1939) 5.7

1939-02-03(美国)| 犯罪 爱情 西部| 美国
上映时间:1939-02-03(美国) 类型: 犯罪 爱情 西部
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advertisement Belknap: We got trouble on our hands, Shelby. H.R. Shelby: What are you talking about? Belknap: Some of the cattle on my ranch are showing infection - hoof-and-mouth disease. Belknap: If that infection ever hits the stockyards, it will spread all over the country. H.R. Shelby: By that time we'll have our money out of 'em. Let somebody else worry about it. [Frog tries to keep a bunch of cattlemen from breaking through his checkpoint] Frog Millhouse: I'm warnin' you. If you take any cattle across this line, I'm going to blast you with this smokestick - and it ain't loaded with beans! Martha Wheeler: What were you going to say? Gene Autry: I wasn't going to say anything. [from the bushes] Frog Millhouse: Aw, he was so. [Frog throws Gene his guitar] Frog Millhouse: He was going to sing you that song about moonlight on the ranchhouse. [Frog tries to attract an elephant's attention] Frog Millhouse: I got a peanut for you! 'Professor' Wentworth: It's no use. She's hard of hearing. Frog Millhouse: Ears like a barn door and she's hard of hearing?




导演: 郝平

演员: 白红标

Home on the Prairie

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