Wings in the Dark

Wings in the Dark (1935) 6.3

1935-02-01(美国)| 冒险 爱情| 美国
上映时间:1935-02-01(美国) 类型: 冒险 爱情
评分: 力荐



advertisement Sheila Mason: What are you thinking about? Ken Gordon: I was just thinking how crazy I was not to take a good look at you when I had the chance. Sheila Mason: Don't you remember at all? Ken Gordon: Pretty well, but I'm not sure. Tell me. Sheila Mason: Oh, I'm a sort of low wing, single-motored monoplane type. You've seen hundreds of them. Ken Gordon: I don't believe it. Tell me more. Sheila Mason: Let's see. I have reddish hair, snub nose, freckles, plenty of freckles. Ken Gordon: What else? Sheila Mason: Well, a little under medium length, fair wing spread, stream-lined, so they tell me. Ken Gordon: Sounds fascinating.


Wings in the Dark

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