Have His Carcase

Have His Carcase (1987) 8.1

1987-04-15(英国)| 灾难 犯罪| 英国
上映时间:1987-04-15(英国) 类型: 灾难 犯罪
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Lord Peter Wimsey: May I come into your parlor? Harriet Vane: Peter! What on earth are you doing here? Lord Peter Wimsey: [holds up newspaper] "Famous Mystery Author Finds Body on Beach" So, here I am, like a bird that hears the call of its mate. Harriet Vane: I didn't call you - Lord Peter Wimsey: I meant the body. But talking of mates, will you marry me? Harriet Vane: Certainly not. Lord Peter Wimsey: [after realizing a new lead] Oh, frabjous day! Miss Vane, will you marry me? Or, failing that, will you accompany me to Darley's garage? Harriet Vane: I will. Lord Peter Wimsey: Let us be gone. [they get up and start to head out, but Peter stops] Lord Peter Wimsey: Uh... Harriet Vane: The latter. [Peter demonstrates a throat-cutting on Bunter, then sees Harriet's shock] Lord Peter Wimsey: I'm so sorry. Harriet Vane: No, no, it's all right. Lord Peter Wimsey: No, no, I'm an ass. And in a moment I shall get down on my knees and apologize, and probably propose to you as well. Harriet Vane: Oh, Peter! What an idiot you are! Lord Peter Wimsey: Aren't I, though? Harriet Vane: I'm sorry, I know I'm being horribly ungrateful- Lord Peter Wimsey: Oh, *hell*! Am I never to hear the end of that hateful adjective? I keep telling you, I don't want gratitude! I don't want kindness, I don't want sentimentality! I just want common honesty. Harriet Vane: But that's all I ever wanted! I don't think it's to be had. [silence] Lord Peter Wimsey: Harriet, I do understand. I know you don't ever want to have to depend on another person for your happiness ever again. Harriet Vane: That's true. That's the truest thing you've ever said. Salcombe Hardy: You wouldn't be here for the suicide of a foreign gigolo. There's something more to it than that... unless it's just the girl? Oh, for God's sake, Wimsey, say it isn't the girl! You wouldn't play a joke like that on a hard-working journalist. Look, how about you give me a story about you and Harriet Vane? "Romantic Engagement of Peer's Son and Crime Novelist!" Lord Peter Wimsey: Pull yourself together, Sally, and keep your inky paws off my private affairs.


Have His Carcase

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