The Murder at the Vicarage

The Murder at the Vicarage (1986) 7.0

1986-12-25(英国)| 犯罪 灾难| 英国
上映时间:1986-12-25(英国) 类型: 犯罪 灾难
评分: 力荐

When a despised magistrate is found shot to death in the library of the local vicarage, his wife and her lover, a portrait painter living on...更多>



Detective Sergeant Lake: [Referring to Mrs. Price-Ridley] Oh, yes, and she thinks she heard the murderer in the shrubbery. Reckon she heard him sneeze. Detective Inspector Slack: So all we have to do is find someone with a snotty handkerchief! Detective Inspector Slack: I thought it was looking too good to be true. I shoulds known better! Soon as I saw that nice looking, gray-haired cobra sliding about, I shoulda known better Detective Sergeant Lake: Hunh? Detective Inspector Slack: The Marple woman sticks to this sort of business like chewing gum to the cat.


The Murder at the Vicarage

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