Columbo: Negative Reaction (1974)

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  • 犯罪  灾难
Columbo: Negative Reaction
  • 片       名Columbo: Negati...
  • 上映时间1974年10月15日(美国)
  • 导       演 阿尔夫·切森


  • [Paul Galesko is about to murder his wife] Paul Galesko: 复制 复制成功 复制失败,请手动复制
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  • I have this... dream, Frances. I'm working, and there's a phone call. He says, "Terribly sorry, Mr. Galesko, but - your wife's dead. Unfortunate accident," and then I always wake up. And I want to cry, because you're still alive, Frances. And I have nothing to face that day but another 24 hours with a domineering, nagging, suffocating woman who took all the joy out of my life. 复制 复制成功 复制失败,请手动复制
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  • [Paul Galesko takes a pistol out of a briefcase] Frances Galesko: Paul, don't be a fool! They'll know you did it! Paul Galesko: I don't think so. Not if everything works. Frances Galesko: You'll never get away with it! Paul Galesko: If not... it's a chance I'm going to take. [While trying to find a witness at a homeless shelter, a nun mistakes Lt. Columbo for a homeless man] Sister: [looking at Columbo's raincoat in dismay] Oh, that coat! Tch, tch, tch! That coat, that coat, that coat...! Oh, I'm sure that we can find something nicer for you in the other room. Something maybe a bit warmer? What size are you? Do you know? Lt. Columbo: I think there's a misunderstanding. Sister: Oh, no, brother. No false pride between friends. Lt. Columbo: You know what bothers me? [Lt. Columbo goes down to the evidence room to follow up on an idea] Captain Sampson: Columbo! Hey! What are you doing down here in the dungeon? Lt. Columbo: How ya doing, Captain. Well, I was just checking out a few things; the Galesko kidnapping. Captain Sampson: Galesko? I thought that case was closed. Lt. Columbo: Well, you know me, Captain. Just uh, tying up some loose ends. Paul Galesko: [gesturing at Columbo's camera] Lieutenant, may I ask, what's the meaning of that? Lt. Columbo: You noticed. I'm sorry, sir, I tried to be inconspicuous. Paul Galesko: Well, you failed, miserably. Lt. Columbo: Well, look, I don't wanna hold you up any more. I want to apologize again if I caused any disturbance. Paul Galesko: All right, Lieutenant. Lt. Columbo: Ah, one more thing, sir. I almost forgot. One more thing that I wanted to check on. Uh, probably not important... um, [to Galesko's driver] Lt. Columbo: could you excuse us? Captain Sampson: Columbo, why, why are you wasting your time with this? Lt. Columbo: Because it bothers me, and I couldn't sleep, and uh, I kept thinking about it! Lt. Columbo: I'll tell ya, if I'm right about this, it's gonna tickle the life outta me! Lt. Columbo: [prepares to leave] Well, I'll be running along, sir. Thank you very much for the time. Paul Galesko: It's all right. Lt. Columbo: Oh, there's one other thing, sir, uh... it's a bit of a problem... [Paul Galesko enjoys a successful showing of his work with his assistant and his publisher] Ray: That funny little man came by my office again yesterday. 复制 复制成功 复制失败,请手动复制
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  • : What man? Ray: Oh, you know, the uh, policeman. Paul Galesko: Bombarded you with questions, I suppose, huh? Ray: Oh, yes. Yeah, but he bought one of your volumes, so it wasn't a complete waste of time. Lorna McGrath: You know, he did take quite an interest in your work the other day. Paul Galesko: [spots Columbo at a distance] And today as well. Lt. Columbo: Mr. Galesko, sir! I've been looking all over for you. Paul Galesko: [exasperated] You have. Lt. Columbo: Yes, uh, I hope I'm not interrupting... Paul Galesko: Lieutenant, did you want something? Lt. Columbo: Is there someplace, sir, that you and I could, uh, talk? Paul Galesko: [irritated] Columbo, you're becoming very annoying, do you know that? Paul Galesko: You believe that somehow I'm responsible for my wife's death. Oh, don't deny it, Lieutenant! You're like a little shaggy-haired terrier who's got a grip on my trousers, you won't let go. I can't turn around without you staring up at me with that blank, innocent expression on your face! Lt. Columbo: I know I've been a pest. I'm just trying to do my job. I won't bother you anymore. Paul Galesko: Oh, I hope you mean that, Lieutenant. For your sake and for mine. [Lt. Columbo is giving driving instructor Mr. Weekly a lift in his car when Mr. Weekly insists he pull over] Mr. Weekly: Lieutenant Columbo, I'm sure you have a driver's license. It may even have been issued in this state. It may even be valid. But all of these things not withstanding, I'm sure you'll understand why I'm electing to walk the rest of the way. Lt. Columbo: Excuse me, Mr. Galesko, I hate to trouble you... Paul Galesko: Columbo, what are you doing here? Lt. Columbo: If I'm interrupting anything, you just tell me... Paul Galesko: No, of course not. Paul Galesko: Oh, Lieutenant, you're priceless! You're a gem! You're a little flawed, and not too bright, but you're one of a kind! Lt. Columbo: Were you a witness to what he just did? Sergeant Hoffman: Yes, Lieutenant. Lt. Columbo: Were you a witness to what he just did? Policeman: Yes, Lieutenant. Lt. Columbo: Were you a witness to what he just did? Second Policeman: Yes, sir. Paul Galesko: Witness to what? Sergeant Hoffman: You just incriminated yourself, sir. 复制 复制成功 复制失败,请手动复制
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