Swamp Women

Swamp Women (1955) 2.3

1956-11-16(丹麦)| 犯罪 恐怖| 美国
上映时间:1956-11-16(丹麦) 类型: 犯罪 恐怖
评分: 力荐

A plucky police woman infiltrates a group of hardened female criminals who are planning to break jail and retrieve their loot of diamonds fr...更多>



Marie: Oh, Bob, honey, you're just so strong and and big and brave. I don't know what I'd do without you. Lt. Lee Hampton: Look, if I bother you, go somewhere else. Josie: Oh, cut it. Cut it, I said! Vera: Look, nobody talks to me like that. I'll kill that dame! Billie: Oh, this stinkin' swamp water stinks! [Bob's attempt to seduce Billie is rudely interrupted by Vera] Bob Matthews: What can I do for you? Billie: Anything you like. Bob Matthews: What if I don't like? Billie: You will. Vera: You dirty little dumb broad! Billie: [digging for diamonds] Ouch! I busted the only nail I had left!


Swamp Women

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