"Are You Afraid of the Dark?"

"Are You Afraid of the Dark?&#x...

1991-01-16(美国)| 家庭 恐怖 灾难| 加拿大
上映时间:1991-01-16(美国) 类型: 家庭 恐怖 灾难 科幻
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advertisement [repeated line] Dr. Vink: Vink's the name. Dr. Vink. Kid: Dr. Fink? Dr. Vink: Vink. with a va-va-va. [repeated line] Sardo: That's Sar*do*! No, Mister, accent on the DO. Kids at campfire: Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society, I call this story - [throws powder onto the fire] Kids at campfire: The Tale of... [repeated line, after someone calls him a nutbag behind his back] Dr. Vink: And by the way... I am *not* a nutbag! [repeated line] Gary: I declare this meeting of the Midnight Society closed. [pours water over the fire] [repeated line] Sardo: Sold! But I'm losing on the deal! [repeated line] Sardo: Have you seen our vomit?


"Are You Afraid of the Dark?"

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