Karen Tandy (Susan Strasberg) enters a San Franisco hospital suffering from a growing tumor on her back. To the doctors (Jon Cedar and Paul ...更多>



John Singing Rock: Normally I wait three risings of the sun before I take on a job. Dr. Snow: Just assume for a moment, sir, that this woman -- she's a young woman? Harry Erskine: Yeah, a young woman. Dr. Snow: Just assume that she has a problem, now now assume also this problem has to do with Indian magic. Well, my God, son, you do have one hell of a problem! Dr. McEvoy: That was one hell of an earthquake! John Singing Rock: That was no earthquake... It's the Great Old One. Harry Erskine: Who the hell is he? John Singing Rock: Devil, Lucifer, Satan, Prince of Darkness, does it really matter? Dr. Snow: What you have to understand is that the magic of ancient Indian tribes was very, very powerful. They were, in fact, one of the great magical societies of modern times, of pure ethnic occult art. And, er, they were, [wiping bookcase] Dr. Snow: Ugh, this is a mess! They were, er, undiluted with European conceptions and preconceptions. The whole concept of the Indians, the whole concept of life and death and inner space was rolled up in the Indians demon, the equivalent demon. That demon would be possessed of monstrous, monstrous power! MacArthur: Then what you're saying, doc, is we're out of luck? John Singing Rock: Gichi Manitou? Harry, you don't call Gichi Manitou. He.... Harry Erskine: Oh, yeah, well he's going to get a person to person call from me....collect!


The Manitou

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