Fanatic (1965) 6.3

1965-03-21(英国)| 恐怖| 英国
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While in rural England beautiful Pat Carroll decides to pay a courtesy call on the mother of her dead fiance Stephen, who was killed in an a...更多>



Mrs. Trefoile: This is the most DISGRACEFUL situation! Pat Carroll: I couldn't agree more! Pat Carroll: Yes, I wondered if you might have a mirror I could ... Mrs. Trefoile: A mirror? Is it to adorn yourself, to observe yourself? Mirrors are not but tools of vanity, Patricia - I know! Vanity - sensuality, Patricia! The Bible speaks of our vile bodies. Pat Carroll: Oh. Mrs. Trefoile: I knew you would understand. Pat Carroll: Alan, I was engaged to her son, and after the awful way that he died, I think it's only fair that I... Alan Glentower: It's only fair to you to forget all about him! Pat Carroll: I don't think I can forget all about him - at least not until I see his mother. Alan Glentower: What are you trying to do? Pat Carroll: I told you, I'm going to visit Mrs. Trefoile. Now if you'll give me the keys to the car, I'll visit her for an hour and be back this evening. Alan Glentower: But it's too far! You'll have to stay overnight. Pat Carroll: Alright, I won't even stay with her. I'll get a room in a pub or something. I'll be back tomorrow noon, then. Alan Glentower: And if I order you not to? Pat Carroll: [pause] Are you going to give me the keys to the car, or do I take a bus? Alan Glentower: [He gives her the keys] You can drive? Pat Carroll: As well as you can! [She drives off, wildly and shakily] Alan Glentower: It is not automatic! Use the clutch! [Mrs. Trefoile and Pat are having tea] Mrs. Trefoile: It was very kind of you to pay this visit to me. Yes, I am pleased with Stephen's choice. I see that you are obviously the type of young woman he would properly choose. We have so much to discuss, my dear. So much. My poor Stephen. I... I can only rejoice that he died unblemished. A virgin soul. So much more beloved by the Almighty. Pat Carroll: Oh... yes. Mrs. Trefoile: I have prayed for him, and I know that you've done so too. And I have no doubt that he was at once transported to Glory at his passing, being the unstained soul that he was. We shall go to church together tomorrow and offer up a token prayer. Pat Carroll: I'm afraid I - Mrs. Trefoile: [interrupting] MILK? Pat Carroll: [pause] Please. Mrs. Trefoile: We will not pray at the regular service however. I do not approve of the new rector! Mrs. Trefoile: This was his room. Pat Carroll: His? Mrs. Trefoile: Stephen's! Mrs. Trefoile: Do you attend church regularly? Pat Carroll: Well, not too regularly. [Mrs. Trefoile looks shocked] Pat Carroll: Not as often as I'd like.


Mrs. Trefoile


: Not as often as you'd like? What a strange thing to say! If you like going to church, why do you not attend regularly? Pat Carroll: Well, I mean, often there isn't time. Mrs. Trefoile: Not time for prayer? Not time to sing the praises of the Lord? One's duty to the Lord must take precedence, must it not? Patricia, I'm surprised at you! Mrs. Trefoile: Stephen? Stephen? She's here in this house, my darling... but of course you know... you know...! Mrs. Trefoile: Come, my dear. I must confess I'm disappointed in your church attendance. My late husband, he was a truly religious man. More so than some who wear the cloth! [Anna serves a disgusting looking plate of food] Mrs. Trefoile: Aren't you hungry, my child? Pat Carroll: [takes a bite and tries to hide her repulsion] Mrs. Trefoile, do you have any salt? Mrs. Trefoile: We use not condiments of any kind in this house, Patricia! God's food should be eaten unadorned. We are vegetarian. For instance, this meat loaf is synthetic, compounded of bread, oatmeal, and wheat germ. Pat Carroll: How nice. Mrs. Trefoile: Anna! You may serve the meal! Pat Carroll: [Patricia sees an open book on Mrs. Trefoile's bed, opened to a glamorous shot of Mrs. Trefoile as a young woman] Oh, how lovely. What is that, a costume? Mrs. Trefoile, were you an actress? Mrs. Trefoile: [quickly grabs the book] God was good. He led me from that evil. Pat Carroll: Evil? Mrs. Trefoile: Yes. A pit of evil! A place for the lost and the damned! The devil's entertainment... God's anathema! It is a painful memory to me, but by the grace of our Lord and the inspired inspiration of my late husband, no more than a memory. I keep it as a harsh reminder of what I was, of what I escaped! [Patricia takes a sip of water; Mrs. Trefoile notices the glass] Mrs. Trefoile: Anna! Come here at once! Anna: Yes, Mrs. Trefoile? Mrs. Trefoile: You have not washed up properly! There is a mark on Ms. Carroll's glass. Pat Carroll: Oh, it's just, it's just my lipstick, Mrs. Trefoile. It will come off, even though they guarantee. Mrs. Trefoile: Go upstairs and wash it off immediately! Pat Carroll: Mrs. Trefoile, I'm, I'm sorry, I... Mrs. Trefoile: Go and remove that FILTH at once!




导演: 阿瓦提·钱德安

演员: 阿米尔·汗泽伊拉·沃西姆



导演: 李芳芳

演员: 章子怡张震


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