Man Made Monster

Man Made Monster (1941) 6.3

1941-03-28(美国)| 恐怖 科幻 惊悚| 美国
上映时间:1941-03-28(美国) 类型: 恐怖 科幻 惊悚
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advertisement Dr. John Lawrence: [to Dr. Rigas] With all the constructive things to be done, why do you concentrate on destruction? Dr. Paul Rigas: ...eventually a race of superior men can be developed, men whose only wants are electricity. Dr. John Lawrence: But, man, you're challenging the forces of Creation! Dr. Paul Rigas: The forces of Creation? Bah! You know as well as I do that more than half the people of the world are doomed to a life of mediocrity - born to be nonentities, millstones around the neck of progress, men who have to be fed, watched, looked over, and taken care of by a superior intelligence. My theory is to make these people of more use to the world. By successive treatments their bodies can be so electrolyzed that they are no longer subject to the pains and frailties of ordinary mankind. Dr. John Lawrence: Sometimes I think you are mad. Dr. Paul Rigas: I am! So was Archimedes, Galileo. Newton, Pasteur, Lister, and all the others who dared to dream! June Lawrence: [referring to Dr. Rivas] He's a genius in his line. Mark Adams: Maybe, but I'll bet he spent his childhood stickin' pins into butterflies. Dr. Paul Rigas: [to June] Dan McCormack, as you knew him, was doomed the first day he came into this laboratory.


Man Made Monster

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