The Man Who Changed His Mind

The Man Who Changed His Mind (1936) 6.9

1936-09-11(英国)| 恐怖 科幻| 英国
上映时间:1936-09-11(英国) 类型: 恐怖 科幻
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advertisement Dr. Laurience: I was the leading surgeon in Genoa - the greatest authority upon the human brain, until I told them something about their own brains. Then they said I was mad. Look at me. Am I mad? Clayton: The name is Clayton. One of the doctor's more hopeless cases. Come in! Clayton: Most of me is dead. The rest of me is damned. Clayton: The great scientist's assistant, washing up a coffee pot! Dr. Clare Wyatt: When did you wash it last? Clayton: Never. Clayton: I wonder which revolts you most - my miserable body or my perverted mind. Clayton: It's the first time you've taken any interest in food since you've been here. Dr. Laurience: It's the first time there's been any! Clayton: This may amuse you. [gives Laurience a newspaper with a gossipy article about his experiments.] Dr. Laurience: You told them all this! Clayton: Me? Why me? Dr. Laurience: How should I know? Your mind is just as twisted as your body. Don't forget, if I leave out one injection... Clayton: I don't mind dying, but to be accused of journalism!


The Man Who Changed His Mind

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