Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Kids

Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Kids(2003)

2003-03-31(美国)| 动画 家庭| 美国
上映时间:2003-03-31(美国) 类型: 动画 家庭
评分: 力荐

When Holley and Miss Spider met, it was love at first sight. They get married and then have a big party will all the bugs in Sunny Patch. Sp...更多>



Mr. Mantis: [regarding Miss Spider and Holley]


Will you look at these lovebugs? Not a bug in Sunny Patch can tell me that these two don't belong together. I guess that's just nature's way.


Betty Beetle: I didn't know a thing about having a baby spider either. I had to make it all up too. But it doesn't matter if it's baby spiders, beetles, bedbugs or grubs - - everything they need, you have already got right there in your heart, Flora. Miss Spider: We have to be good to bugs. All bugs. Squirt: [to Spiderus] Nice bugs don't eat their friends! Holley: I always did want a big family. Miss Spider: Eight is a perfect number. Squirt: Yeah! We've got eight legs. Holley: And we have plenty of love to go around.


Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Kids

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