Totsuzen! Neko no kuni banipal witt

Totsuzen! Neko no kuni banipal witt 7.3

1998-05-30(日本)| 动画 家庭| 日本
上映时间:1998-05-30(日本) 类型: 动画 家庭
评分: 力荐



Toriyasu: Chu-Chu, we've gotta somehow convince your brother to give back the glove! If we get it, we can transform Master Sandada back to normal, right? Hello Chu-Chu... Chu-Chu: Toriyasu, whu do you think Master Sandada's planning to meet up with us. Toriyasu: Hey, I'm talking about Meeko. Oh, I know she's not your problem, but you're just staring at the moon there. Waiting for your prince... Chu-Chu: What was that? Hoi-Hoi: Toriyasu, don't tease her. That moon holds a special meaning. Suttoboke: It's a sad story about a cat and a mouse and the love they could never have... Toriyasu: But that's a fairy tale, right? Cats and mice don't mix! Chu-Chu: What do you mean "don't mix", where'd you get that idea? Toriyasu: Well... cats eat mice where I come from! Chu-Chu: But we're not in your world now you FOOL! To think, I was actually looking forward to meeting a human, but now I find myself disappointed. Toriyasu: Well, pardon me! I'm not here because I want to be, and if all the females here are crazy tomboys like you, you can bet I don't want to stay. Chu-Chu: Tomboy! I dare you to say that again! Toriyasu: Well, the female cats in my world are like the ones here, stuck-up and short-tempered, for a pet I'd take a dog any day. Chu-Chu: Ha, you better pay closer attention to Master Sandada instead of that thing, or you'll end up like my brother. Toriyasu: No way! I sure wouldn't fall for anything like a cat! Chu-Chu: What do you mean "anything like a cat"? Oh well, the spell doesn't work on outsiders, which is sometimes too bad. Toriyasu: Will you give me a break? I am human! Meeko: Mama, mama! My swimsuit, I need it, hurry! Meeko: So you're the ones! You're the space aliens who abducted our family pet! Meeko: [handing the cats a pair of shoes] These belong to Toriyasu. My brother doesn't believe in space aliens like me, although I'm surprised there's a cat planet! I'm not afraid to go because you guys seem nice. Henji: Listen, I hate to burst your bubble, but this isn't really the place for you. Little humans girls should be asleep in their beds getting plenty of rest. Meeko: No way! Why should I stay behind while Toriyasu has all the fun?! That's not fair! *I* *AM* *GOING!* Henji: Quiet, or some adults might hear you! Meeko: I want to go too! If you don't take me, I'm gonna scream louder... Chu-Chu: Wow. Toriyasu: Hey, what are you staring at? Chu-Chu: Your face. You were better looking when you were a cat. Toriyasu: That's a matter of opinion. Well excuse me-- [Chu-Chu licks Toriyasu on the cheek.] Chu-Chu: If you ever want to be a cat again, Toriyasu, come back anytime.


Totsuzen! Neko no kuni banipal witt

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