A teenage girl living in the ruins of the Romanov's palace finds herself running from the Secret Police with her four magic instruments, who...更多>



Vladimir: The very first thing you must learn in becoming a princess is how to hold your head. Anastasia: I intend to "hold it" on top of my neck. Prince Paul: Where is my royal assistant, Goofinoff? Is Goofinoff "goofin' off" again? Alexei / Accordion: It's her! [points to Tatania / Cello] Alexei / Accordion: Old Syrupy Strings over there, she's always dragging the tempo! Tatania / Cello: To play music is to live. To live is to suffer. To play music, then, is to suffer. Alexei / Accordion: What is she talking about? Tatania / Cello: To suffer is to suffer. Alexei / Accordion: To know you is suffering enough, pizzacato breath! Tatania / Cello: [sticks her bow at Alexei / Accordion like a sword] Can it, WindBox! the Bad Checka: Well, Goofinoff? Is she up there? Goofinoff: [playing with the Checka's crow] Here pretty little raven birdy, come to Daddums, you sweet little black birdy of death! [crow knocks Goofinoff's toupee into the mud.] Goofinoff: Sweet birdy? Vladimir: [talking about Anastasia] The last heir to the Romanov throne! [to himself:] Vladimir: And of the Romanov fortune!


The Secret of Anastasia

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