"Wishbone" (1995)

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  • advertisement Wishbone: Try not to look cute and they'll leave you alone. Wishbone: [as Charles Darnay] I *love* tea time; right after lunch time and just before supper time. Wanda Gilmore: [after crashing David's toy car] You should really keep Wishbone away from this thing. Wishbone: What? *She's* the one who doesn't know how to drive! Madame DeFarge: The knot of revenge must be tied around his neck! Ellen Talbot: Can someone tell me, what is the story? Wishbone: *I'll* give you the story. Arf! Ellen Talbot: Quiet, Wishbone. Wishbone: Nobody ever listens to the dog. Wishbone: [in an announcer-type voice] Okay, let's review: we've got one robot running amok, one dog in pursuit of that robot, and two dumbstruck nature-lovers! Hey, let's continue! [runs off] Wishbone: [as Victor Frankenstein] You are an inhuman monster! Frankenstein's Monster: You made me this way! Wishbone: [after Joe's model dinosaur skeleton is knocked down by David's robot] Extinction comes early for *one* dinosaur. David Barnes: Boy, you bring something to life and you really have to take responsibility for it. Miss Walker: And maybe you can start *taking* that responsibility by helping clean up. Wishbone: [gasps and grabs a large dinosaur bone] This one's mine! Wishbone: Wanda, are you home? [silence] Wishbone: Oh, good. [starts digging up yard] Wishbone: Okay, you've just seen a tree walk across your front yard. What are the implications of this? Trees are supposed to have roots, not legs. What if trees have suddenly *sprouted* legs? What if they're all trying to walk away? I'm in big trouble if I... [runs into Wanda pushing a transplant tree in a wheelbarrow] Wanda Gilmore: Ooh, Wishbone, watch out! Wishbone: Ah! You caught it! Good job, Wanda! Wishbone: Wanda, just what exactly are you doing? Samantha Kepler: What exactly are you doing? Wishbone: Sam, you read my mind. Wishbone: Ah! The smell of fresh dirt in your snout! Joe Talbot: You studied Latin, didn't you, Mom? Ellen Talbot: Yeah, a half-a-zillion years ago in high school. Wishbone: You're that old? Ellen Talbot: I wish I remembered more of my Latin. Wishbone: I could get the dictionary. Wishbone: [as Ali Baba, while bandits rapidly approach the treasure cave] Let's see... bandits all around... but I'm not a quitter. I'm not a quitter, but I *am* leaving. I am *so* leaving! Joe Talbot: Hey, wake up, sleepyhead! Wishbone: [drowsily] Huh? I don't wanna go to school. [wakes up] Wishbone: Huh. This is not like me at all; I'm usually the first one up. Awake all night, sleeping all day... if I didn't know better, I'd think I was turning into... a cat! Oh, no! I've got *kitty cooties*! Wishbone: Feed the dog. Feeeeeeed the dooooogggg. Wishbone: Y'know, every so often, even heroes need help! Wishbone: [as the Time Traveler, asking a Pink Lady her name although she doesn't understand] What is your name? Uh... what are you called? Uh... who *are* you? Weena, the Pink Lady: I am Weena. You are *man!* [giggles] Wishbone: [as the Time Traveler] Yep, I'm convinced; it's *definitely* something in the water. Wishbone: [as Robin Hood] When did they start decorating carriages with fat men? Little John: Must be a new fashion. Wishbone: [as Robin Hood disguised as a peddler] Pots! Come and buy my pots! Nice, unsuspicious pots for sale! Wishbone: [as Robin Hood] Don't try to follow me, men! Little John: [to men] Follow him! Principal Leonard: No, Wishbone. You can't go to school. Wishbone: Wha-? No, uh... I'm a 4th-grader here, really! Hey, don't let the dog suit fool you; I'm just practicing for the school play. Hey, open up! Mark my words: someday, I *will* eat lunch in school! Damont Jones: [to Joe] Hey, Squirt! Wishbone: [lifting leg] Don't give me any ideas, Damont! Wishbone: Aw, don't go away mad, Damont. Just go away! Wishbone: [while Joe is going through his shirts] I like that one. [Joe tosses a shirt on the bed] Wishbone: That's a good color. [Joe tosses a shirt on Wishbone's head] Wishbone: This one smells funny. Elizabeth: 'Tis a lovely ball, don't you agree? Wishbone: [as Mr. Darcy] Uh, yes... quite. [pause] Elizabeth: It is your turn to speak, Mr. Darcy. I talked of the dance, and you ought to make some kind of remark about the size of the room or the number of couples. Wishbone: Your sister'll dance with just about anybody, huh? Wishbone: [as Mr. Darcy] I know I sound really rude and arrogant, but I'm really just the nicest guy! Is this the part where you shut the door in my face? [Elizabeth shuts the door] Wishbone: [muffled behind closing door] Yes, it is. Long John Silver: [to pirate] Get me an apple so I can wet my pipe! Wishbone: [as Jim Hawkins, hiding in the apple barrel] I'm an apple... I'm an apple... *please* let me be an apple... Wishbone: I found a hole! Samantha Kepler: He found a hole! Wishbone: Thank you. Wishbone: Eat your heart out, Lassie. Wishbone: [as Sherlock Holmes] Holmes, ol' boy, to catch an actor, you must *become* an actor! Wishbone: Diction, people, diction! Samantha Kepler: Now, Wishbone, sit and stay. Wishbone: I know: sit, stay, save the day. It's what I do. 复制 复制成功 复制失败,请手动复制
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